My Kind of Drink…REvive!

The other day I was spending my “research” {aka blog trolling} time catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  Simona Marie over at is a gem and I met her through Bloggers Like Me, imagine that! LOL  I came across one of her recent posts where she mentioned the fact that being a mom is an incredibly trying and thankless job, but is more rewarding than any job she’s ever had.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  Her post not only reminded me how hard it is at times to “be calm and carry on”, but also that sometimes you need an escape, even one as simple as a cup of coffee.

After reading her post, I began thinking about my mommy challenges and realized that my number one challenge is that I feel like I don’t have enough energy.  I mean truly, the role of a mom is never-ending.  It’s not a 9-5.  It’s not even a 9-9, it’s a full-time ’round the clock kinda job.  And if you don’t have energy, you’re in for a wild ride.  You HAVE to have energy.  You HAVE to.  Aside from coffee, I don’t do “energy” drinks, but I am always looking for ways to boost my energy just to keep up with my little ones.


Recently, I was contacted by the folks at REvive to try one of their natural supplement drinks.  Even though I have tried energy drinks in the past, they never stuck because either I didn’t like the taste or they just didn’t give me the boost I was looking for.  If you follow me, you know I’m not that blogger that does anything for free product.  If I don’t believe in it, I won’t share it, so, while I agreed to give it a try I was skeptical.


I received the package of REvive and honestly, I let it sit on the counter for a day or two.  I wasn’t overly anxious to try it and figured I would get around to it soon enough.  I finally opened the package and found a 6 pack of bottles and a 32 oz bottle .  I opened up one of the small bottles and took a  sip.  I was surprised to find that I actually liked it.  It didn’t taste chock full of caffeine or sugar.  And it didn’t leave that strange cough syrup taste either.

I wasn’t instantly bouncing off the walls, in fact, I didn’t feel an immediate change at all.  I finished the drink and went about my day.  The next day, I drank another small bottle with my breakfast and this pattern continued until I had consumed all but 1 small bottle.  When I realized that I was down to my last bottle, I began to think about how my body and my energy level felt over the past 5 days.  It dawned on me that I had been realizing the effects of this drink every day without even feeling it.  In other words, I wasn’t feeling those normal super active highs followed by draining crashes that most energy drinks offer.   I was waking up every day for a 5 am work out, take the kids to school, run around town, pick the kids up, get dinner, do homework, give baths and still have enough buzz to tend to the Mr. and do it all over again the next day.


So there I was down to my last bottle and I felt a bit of relief when I remembered I had a 32 oz tucked away in the pantry.  Little did I know, Jon had found the stash and was guzzling it all week too.  That’s huge!  Jon is NOT into any kind of energy boost anything, so if he liked it, there’s really nothing more to say.  LOL


It’s pretty cool when companies put their money where their mouth is.  REvive is giving a $1 off coupon which benefits us, the consumer because, duh, we get a buck off, but they are also giving 25 cents to Boarding for Breast Cancer which is a non-profit dedicated to education, prevention and support of young people involved with breast cancer. Here’s the coupon below.


That’s my two cents on REvive Natural Energy Drinks, but of course I encourage you to try them for yourself.

Get yours here!

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