5 Odd Things I Saw at Coffee Bean


I LOVE people watching.  I do!  I can sit for hours with my mirrored sunnies on and just watch people move about their day.  While I rarely get the chance to just sit and do nothing, today I got a chance to partake for an hour.

Jaxon‘s school is having Grandparent’s Day tomorrow so I volunteered to assist the students in the classroom with baking apple pies.  My volunteer shift didn’t start until 11 a.m. which gave me 2.5 hours to “work”.  Fortunately, there’s a CBTL right around the corner so I ordered a Vanilla Latte and pitched a tent with my laptop.

After checking and responding to email, peeking into the Bloggers Like Me Facebook Group and checking on the BLMGirls.com website, I began to notice what was going on around me.  And so I present to you…12 OddThings I Saw at CBTL in no particular order.

1.  Sam Ash Guy – About a block away from this CBTL is a Sam Ash Music Store.  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Sam Ash has a restroom for it’s employees.  Pretty sure.  Anyways, a Sam Ash guy walked in and made a head-down b-line to the bathroom.  A few minutes later he left.  Less than 10 minutes later he walked back in making another head-down b-line to the bathroom, only this time it was occupied.  DOH!  He paced in circles.  He paced some more.  The man in the bathroom finally came out and Sam Ash guy nearly knocked him down trying to get by.  Sam Ash guy came out and left.  As he was leaving he looked back in the window and OF COURSE, we made eye contact.  I HATE THAT.  That’s such the ultimate people-watching fail.  Of course I immediately redirected my stare upwards as if the ceiling had opened and the sky was falling.  LOL   Moral of the story, I’m pretty sure Sam Ash Music has a restroom.

2.  Mr. Pizza Man – Did I say it was oh about 9 am?  Well, so in walks Mr. Pizza Man.  Why do I call him that?  Well for starters, he walked in with goggles, a camping backpack full to capacity and two large pizza boxes.  Two.  At 9 am.  Two!  Mr. Pizza Man found a table, put down the boxes and his backpack and proceeded to the Sam Ash Guy’s bathroom.  After almost being trampled by Sam Ash Guy when he exited the bathroom, he picked up his BOXES of pizza and sat on my lap…practically.  He must have said to himself, I’m going to find the chair closest to the black lady busily working on her computer.  Find it he did.  I’m surprised he didn’t offer me a slice.  Offended really.  LOL  God bless him!  I don’t like olives anyway.  Moral of the story, what in the world did he have in that backpack?

3.  Cute kid in a peacoat – I like to think my 3 kids are the cutest ever but today little miss cute kid in a peacoat came a close 4th {yes fourth because I have 3 kids}.  CKinaP cops a squat with her milk box and Madeleine cookie and begins looking around asking normal kid questions, you know like, “What’s on that lady’s face?”, “Is it nap time?”, “Do you have to pee pee?”, “I’m hungry {yes while eating}”.  Then she looks over at my table.  Of course, I pretend not to notice.  CKinaP says Mom, what is she doing?  And when you think about it, it’s a pretty rational question.  I mean, what kind of crazy person walks into a public eatery and busts out their computer, kicks up their feet and sets up shop like they own the place, simply because they bought a $3 cup of coffee?  Mom’s response was the best though.  She said, “She’s doing homework.”  CKinaP didn’t respond but I know in her head she was thinking hmm…homework…HOMEwork…HOME…Isn’t homework done at….HOME!  Kids and they’re rational questions.  LOL  But, now that I think about it, I don’t know who I like more, the kid for asking such a cute question or the mom for thinking I looked young enough to be some cramming college student.  Let’s go with #B.  Moral of the story, I haven’t had a Madeleine cookie in forever!

4. CBTL is Kosher! – I just found out that CBTL is kosher.  How did I find this out?  As Mr. Pizza Man was finishing his last BOX of pizza the store manager walked over to us {yes, us since he was sitting on my lap} and told him he could not eat his thin crust pepperoni pizza with olives and mushrooms in this establishment because it’s a kosher restaurant.  Of course the obvious response was that he would just eat it in the enclosed CBTL patio, since it’s outside.  Ummm…the sweet lady said the patio is part of this establishment but she would allow him to finish said pizza outside this one time {just in case he planned on coming back with his desert?}  Moral of the story, don’t eat pizza in a CBTL.

5.  Senor OCD – I didn’t notice him until he got up and began rearranging the chairs each equal distance apart from the next and equal distance from the table.  Umm…  He then made a visit to the bathroom, but on his way was very clearly determined not to allow any disgusting germy humans to touch him.  The way he contorted his body was similar to my movements when I try to avoid a spider web at the last minute.  I flail and head-bob like a mad woman.  So it was sort of like that.  Of course, I pretended like I didn’t see a thing, but I immediately looked around to see if anyone else say what I “didn’t see”.  Apparently no one else saw it because I didn’t even see a flinch.  Senor OCD came back out of the bathroom and returned to his chair but not after carefully grabbing the mini-cup coffee sample on the counter.  Which would be the first of many trips to the counter for the coffee sample.  He angled his chair facing the window which left his back facing the rest of the entire coffee house.  And then, I noticed he was talking to himself.  Not like how I talk to myself aloud.  He was talking to himself but no sound was coming out.  As weird as it sounds, I would have preferred to hear what he was saying.  Sure it was none of my business but I dunno maybe it wouldn’t have freaked me out as much.  LOL  Moral of the story, when talking to oneself always make sure your’re loud enough to be heard.

Another moral of the story, if this is the crazy that happens in an hour at CBTL, I wonder what kind of crazy happens at Starbucks!  LOL  Although it was strangely entertaining, I could have totally spent that hour in a more productive way.  I’ll make sure to say a little prayer tonight for Mr. Pizza Man, Sam Ash Guy, Cute kid in a peacoat and Senor OCD.  We can all use some of that.

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18 thoughts on “5 Odd Things I Saw at Coffee Bean

  1. LOVE people watching, back in college I use to work in a retail store and it was one of my favorite things to do, when I opened the store I loved watching the mall walkers, then closing at night was always fun because thats when all the teens came out because they had nothing better to do. Fun observations! Love the color combo of your outfit!

  2. Love your outfit & this is hilarious. I can soo relate–I’m honestly glad I’m not the only one who does this. My favorite is observing the quietly-quirky people but the last time I was in starbucks I was working at my computer silently sipping my green tea latte. There were students at a table nearby having a quiet study group and a guy who seemed to be sketching sitting on a couch across the way. The atmosphere was prettymuch like a library that smelled less like old books and more like brewing coffee…then low and behold the high-schoolers start to pour in…There was one boy who apparently didn’t enjoy silence seeing as he gave a rundown of his entire weekend to his friends and the entire coffee shop…of course he mentioned his “street-cred”, how great he is with the ladies, and;oh yeah.. his massive amount of ‘swag’..umm whatever that means coming from a scrawny, pale 15 y/o–in a size-too-big basketball jersey,drinking a vanilla frappuccino. I sooo wasn’t buyin’ it.

  3. I love to people watch too. I’m thinking Sam Ash Guy didn’t want his coworkers to know he had the bubbleguts OR they forbid him from their bathroom lol I really enjoyed this post, I miss your stories. You are a great story teller.

  4. I too, am guilty of people watching…and I LOVE IT! It’s like a sport! You definitely scored 100 points for being observant enough to document all of the coffee shop characters. Kudos!!! Oh yeah, I cackled several times while reading this post. Cackled, I say. Cackled.

  5. I love this blog post!!! I people watch too. bit i’m sooo less observant. I’m not sure what I’m watching but I simple don’t remember after I do it. Moral of this story…. WAKE UP and Pay attention! LOL

  6. Lol… Pretty observant if you ask me. Although you spyed on a few of the customers there it allowed you to write this post and share with us the craziness that goes on a daily. We just don’t catch them all. Needless to say I would have picked option b as well for the cute kid in the peach coat , hahaha!

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