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I came across a Type A Personality Quiz online the other day and it occured to me that I’ve never taken one of these before so I decided to take it and see what the “experts” say.

Here were the questions and my answers:

1.  Do you find yourself in a hurry more often than not?  YES

2.  Do you grind your teeth when you’re awake or asleep? NO

3.  Do you find it difficult to fully listen to someone when they are talking, and usually think of other things at the same time? YES

4.  Do you believe that people are basically untrustworthy, and only out for themselves?  NO

5. Do you usually read mail or sort papers while talking on the phone, or read while eating?  YES

6.  Do others regularly tell you to slow down and relax? YES

7.  Do you find it difficult and frustrating to wait in line or sit in traffic? YES

8.  Do you talk faster than most people, sometimes having to repeat yourself because others can’t understand your fast speech? NO

9.  Do you find your facial muscles to be tense much of the time? NO

10.  Do you find yourself interrupting others when they speak? YES

11.  Do you focus heavily on personal achievement, sometimes putting it ahead of relationships? NO

12.  Do you have a significant need for recognition from others? NO

13.  Do you find yourself in stressful, high-demand jobs? NO

14.  Do you eat faster than others, or leave the table as soon as you’re done eating, even if others aren’t finished? NO

15.  Is your walking pace faster than most people’s to the point that you need to make yourself slow down to keep pace with them? NO

16.  Do you lose sleep thinking about rude or frustrating things people have done during the day? NO

17.  Do you often get annoyed by the slowness of waiters, the rudeness of store clerks, and the idiots on the road? NO

18.  Do you find yourself anticipating disasters often, always aware of what could go horribly wrong? YES

19.  Do you find yourself sweating often, especially on your forehead and upper lip? Or, do you have dark circles under your eyes? NO

20.  Do you find yourself being more competitive than most people?  NO

Here were my results:

You have some Type A features, but are not the ‘typical Type A’.

Fantastic!  That wasn’t very helpful.  I could have had a V8.  LOL.  Have you ever taken one of those personality test?

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