On Thursday Jaxon’s Kindergarten class went on it’s first field trip of the year to Discovery Science Center in Orange County.  In one word, AWESOME!  The look of amazement in the kids’ eyes when they see science come to life is unforgettable.  I volunteered to chaperon, so I got to experience the trip with Jaxon and his classmate Karine.


The usual suspects Jaxon, Isaac and Corey.  You can tell that Corey back there is a fun kid!  LOL


I can’t believe how fast Jaxon is growing.


There was a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Exhibit with a gigantic snake…like gigantic.  It took me forever to capture a picture with Jaxon anywhere near that thing.  Jaxon + big monster snake = NO!  He’s a very common-sensical kind of kid.


Like I said, he’s very common-sensical.  I conned him into getting on an earthquake simulator and he quickly wanted to get off.  Why would anyone want to know what an earthquake feels like?   Good question.


I was surprised that he was willing to stand inside the jaws of this ginormous shark, but he did so I snapped as quickly as possible.


The chapter book we are reading at home is called, Midnight on the Moon by Mary Pope Osborne and it’s about a couple of kids who explore the moon.  Jaxon and Julia really like it.  Anyways, I suppose this is why the astronaut suit was right up Jaxons’ alley!  I guess he figured, it’s not slithery and it doesn’t shake…I’m with it!


This crazy camel was one of Jaxon’s favorite stops.  It was made completely of old plastic toys.  If you look closely you can just make out some of the little action figures.  I had to keep reminding him not to touch.


Jaxon was thrilled to see this Zamboni!  I might deny it if you ask me in public, but one of my favorite shows is Caillou and on one episode Caillou’s mom took him to the ice skating rink.  Caillou got really excited when he saw the Zamboni cleaning up the ice.  Okay, fine, I was thrilled to see this Zamboni too!  I didn’t get on it.  Okay, fine, I got on and turned the steering wheel, once.


The kids had no idea what they were in for when we entered the movie theater to watch Turtles 4D.  Jaxon and Julia had actually seen the full movie before but never in 4D.  I don’t remember the last time I watched something in 4D or even 3D for that matter.  Anyway, the movie was a little bit umm….well, scary.  There was a slithery snake that came right out at us.  I heard one kindergartner say, “this movie is creeping us out!”  That would be correct!  Jaxon came and sat down next to me.  I win!


This chair lift activity was to show the difference when using multiple ropes and pulleys versus only a few ropes and pulleys.  Jaxon was able to pull himself up in all three chairs.  We won’t discuss my results.


Jaxon loves a good puzzle.  Karin helped too.


I had to restrain myself from kicking off my shoes and jumping on this wall.  Jaxon made it all the way up.  He’s my hero!


I told them to make a silly face and this is what I got.   Is it me or is this transformer-robot thing a little creepy?  I thought for sure Jaxon was going to have no part in picture-taking but he was happy to take a pic in front of it.


I would have jumped for joy with the kids but I was beat!  It was a great trip and I can’t wait for the next one!


Oh wait!  What the what?  Ordinarily I would eat just about ANYTHING with bacon and cheese, but come on people are you for real?

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