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Right before I left for Miami, Beautiful Textures emailed me to do a quick interview about my hair and thoughts on style.  You guys already know my hair is a work in progress.  Since cutting it, I still haven’t found the magic trick but I’m working on it.  My biggest peeve though is that it seems like you have to spend so much on product to find the right cocktail for your hair!  At least I do…and I’m still not quite there.  Please help Beautiful Textures.  LOL
 Take a look at what I had to say…
[What’s In Her Closet] Check out this interview with Leslie Young of @FashionDuJour, featured speaker at the Style Bloggers of Color Conference and today’s featured blogger for the “What’s in Her Closet Series”. See you there!
1. Describe your style:
Being a mom of three and a Preacher’s wife I usually try to styles that are more on the casual/classic side and I try to stick to fabrics like cotton that are easy to clean. When it comes to fashion, moms tend to get a bad wrap so I try and always wear styles that are comfortable but classy! I’m not much of a trend follower, but I do like to incorporate some trend into my everyday style! Frumpiness is a no no!
2. Favorite places to shop: 
I’m a huge vintage and thrift shopper. I also like to dig in my husband’s closet. BUT, when I’m in the market for trendier pieces I usually take a trip to Zara or make an online stop at ModClothTopShop or
3. Your wardrobe must have:
My wardrobe isn’t complete without a cleaned up pair of boyfriend jeans and a sleek classic blazer! Those are my favorite go to pieces.
4. Your choice color for the upcoming winter season:
Oxblood is still a very strong color for fall. I also love Hunter Green and Chocolate Brown.
5. Describe your current hair style:
I recently did what I consider a big chop. I cut off more than a foot of hair that went below the middle of my back into a short neck baring bob style that I love. Fresh from the salon my hair is straighten in a classic curly bob. In between salon visits I wear my hair in a curly bouffant, in a high bun or in a french braid.
Be sure to stop by Beautiful Textures and take a looksee!
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