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We all have that friend from high school or middle school or even grade school who we thought would be in our corner “forEVER ever”.  The one who knew our deepest darkest secrets and greatest fears.  And then it happens…life, that is, and we lose touch.  That one time BFF becomes just an acquaintance.

While it’s natural to feel sad about the distance that’s grown between you, I’ve learned to accept that some of those friends are no longer the friends we once knew.  And that’s okay.  But, I’ve also learned that life doesn’t always change as fast as people do.  It’s painful when those who you’ve called friends and who’s highs you’ve celebrated and lows you’ve consoled no longer return that most valuable part of the relationship…love.

This truth affects all kinds of relationships.  I’ve lost count of the times friends have shared how much they miss the guy they thought was Mr. Right once a relationship has ended.  In reality, what they miss is the feeling they had when they were with so-called “Mr. Right”.  So easily we confuse the two.

Life is a series of experiences; many of which are relationships.  Many times how we navigate through those experiences will determine our success in life.  I admit, I haven’t always gotten it right with the relationship experiences in my life.  In fact, most times I’ve gotten it wrong.  I’m horrible at returning text messages.  I hate talking on the phone and special dates like birthdays….you can forget it.  However, in order for me to get my relationships right with others, it’s important for me that I get my relationship right with God first…after all, there’s no relationship more important.

Have you taken a pulse on your relationships lately?

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18 thoughts on “People Change

  1. Such a great post! I am a newly wed, one of the first of my friends to get married, and alot of the people that I thought were my friends kind of just fell away, maybe they had thought that I had changed, maybe they had changed, maybe we just grew apart – whatever the cause, it was painful. Being pruned isn’t easy or painless, but I know in my heart that God directs my paths and the people that come and go during my journey. Thank you for sharing, it’s always a comfort to know that someone else has a similar experience to yours.

  2. Very wise words, very consistent with some of my own experiences… Sometimes it’s about holding on to someone and sometimes it’s about letting that someone go. I guess it doesn’t sound right, but it can’t really go third way, can it?

    Also, I think you look beautiful in the pictures 🙂

  3. This is so true. Sometimes I feel like I have to really put forth the effort to keep my friendships from slipping into the acquaintance zone. I don’t live near any of my besties so it makes it hard to stay connected. I try to do my best with keeping the lines of communication open. I don’t mind a phone call every now and then. There is a season and a reason for every person that we encounter so I always ask God to put good people in my path.

    1. You’re right. I once heard someone say that a lot of times we pray for God to reveal himself to us, show us our purpose and then God removes people from our lives. Then we, being in our flesh, run after those people and undo what God has done. It’s a daily effort, but I trust God.

  4. i enjoyed reading this post. I actually get very annoyed when a text does not get returned, because I feel like it takes so little effort to respond to one and I am not a person who is a serial texter. I think sometimes you can outgrow people just like you outgrow a favorite pair of shoes, or sometimes you ascend to places that everyone can’t go. Friendships are like marriages and they need a lot of work and effort to thrive. As I get older, my circle seems to get smaller, but the ones that remain are definitely true blue and tight like glue.

  5. I enjoyed reading this. I am horrible at returning texts as well. Sometimes I wonder if miscommunication or lack thereof were the reasons behind the demise of certain relationships. Maybe…..maybe not but thank you for reiterating three fact that a relationship with God is most important. I definitely don’t want any miscommunication there.

  6. Sometimes you may feel you are closer to someone than they do toward you. Happens to me all the time that’s why I know God is my only friend. I don’t put much on man.

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