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Maybe I just notice this more because I’m no longer in the workforce but I’ve run into a lot of people going through various transitions in their careers.  The conversations we have usually go in the direction of the individuals wanting to go back to school to improve themselves but not necessarily having a clear vision for what they want to go to school for.  I’m 100% on team Learn More, but not knowing what you’re going back to school for will likely prove to be a waste of time and money.  In these cases, these potential students have significant work experience, families to support and bills to pay so they can’t afford to go back to school just to figure out life.  They need to have a purpose.  Going back to school to concentrate on sharpening a skill is usually what most people end up finding themselves doing, but often after thousands of dollars taking courses that don’t add value to their end goal.

Having an expertise or narrowing your focus is critical.  Take the sport of track for instance.  When you compare first place to second place, first place seems far more impressive than second place.  However, when you compare second place to third place, does second place really seem any more impressive?  To most people, including myself, not so much.

When we look at society we see that people who are experts about something are elevated high onto a pedestal.  Sure, hard work matters, but not if it’s scattered in diverse directions.  This is even applicable to bloggers just starting their blogging journey or thinking about refocusing their blog.  Some of the most successful bloggers are those who focus on a specialty.  Some are DIY queens, others are especially gifted at make up artistry, others are experts on caring for a particular hair type.  The skill isn’t necessarily what matters, but the expertise you can offer is.  So if you find yourself thinking about going back to school or building a more impressive blog or business, narrow your focus on learning fewer skills and mastering them all.  It’s about focusing more on less.

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12 thoughts on “Be An Expert!

  1. That is very true. Sometimes I have felt like I was all over the place. I need to HONE in my what I want. Although, I believe I know what I want – I think the fear came in wondering could I get there. But I do believe I can!

  2. Hi Leslie!! Love your blog! I totally agree with you on finding your niche and honing your skills to be the best at your craft. Btw…love the nail polish and sandals. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  3. I stopped working a little over 3 years ago to “finish my bachelors degree”. I started out with one major & have since simply withdrawn from school altogether because I couldn’t get a concise grasp on what I was pursuing. Needless to say, this past year has resulted in a lot of soul-searching & purpose-finding within myself. Granted, I still have no clue as to what to pursue academically, but I am more comfortable with myself & my current life situation.

  4. Well…. amen! This totally sticks out to me. I have been trying to wrap my mind on when the right time is the best time to go back to school and as I sit in think hrs, days, months pass by. Bills don’t stop, mommy duties call, and a new position I have been patiently been waiting for is now available that I will have to bid for and again schooling is still something I want to do. #prayer

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