Bloggers Like Me: The BLM Girl Experience – LA


WHAT:  The BLM Girls Experience

WHO:  You and women like you who are serious about taking their blog/business to the next level!

WHEN:  Saturday, August 31st (1 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST)

WHERE:  New York hosted by Christa of Inspired by Beatrice Clay, DC hosted Karen of Your Stylist Karen and Whitney of Whitney Nic James , Atlanta hosted by Kimberly of Keystrokes by Kimberly & Los Angeles hosted by Janae of Naturally Curly Kinky and me!

WHY:  Two of the most important elements to succeed in this endeavor are (1) pursuing and sustaining personal and business relationships and (2) developing a smart and genuine brand.  These key elements are the focus of this event and I invite you to join us as we dive in.

ABOUT BLOGGERS LIKE ME:  Leadership expert Keith Coats once said, “in the connection economy, competitive advantage shifts to the ability to form meaningful connections or relationships.  The question of “why by your product or engage your service” becomes ever more narrow.  The decisive criteria in that decision comes down to that of personal connection:  I want to do business with you because I like you, trust you, I believe in your cause, your values – we have a relationship“.

I created Bloggers Like Me last year as a way to build community among bloggers where we could share tips and learn from each other in a non-competitive and collaborative environment.  I realized that to create a collaborative environment you must have women who are like-minded, others focused and genuine.  This was my goal and I’m pleased to say that almost 1300 members later we are well on our way to doing bigger and greater things one of which I am excited to share with you today.



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