#BLMGirls Do Vegas

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You heard it here first…okay well maybe not first since I did mention it in the group, but this is your official announcement straight from the horse’s mouth that the Bloggers Like Me Girls are going to Vegas!  Why?  It’s our first annual Bloggers Like Me Girls Weekend!
BLMGirls all across the country are invited to join us for a chance to meet face-to-face other like-minded women living the life of a blogger.  I’m excited to hear from experienced women who have successfully built their blogs and women who have a testimony to share.  I’m a huge proponent of relationships and the important role they play in our lives.  Whether we’re talking relationships with our girlfriends, with our children, with our husbands or sigs, with our employers, with our neighbors and even with our customers, relationships are a vital part of our lives and keeping them healthy are an essential part of growth.  So, if you’re a BLM Girl, be on the look out for more exciting news.




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