Gone Tomorrow

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I forgot to mention that, yes, I cut my hair. Do I like it? I love it. Does the hubby like it? He loves it. I was asked if I miss my hair. Aside from the unexpected drafts against the back of my neck, no, but don’t get me wrong the change is taking a little getting used to. I’m not quite sure how to style it. I guess that will come with time.

I’ve never really been SUPER tied to my hair. I think I’ve always kept it becuase someone else wanted me to. My mom never wanted me to cut my hair. Hubs never wanted me to cut my hair and any time I’d suggest it to anyone, I’d get a “why-in-the-world-would-you-do-something-crazy-like-that” look in return. Well, I decided to do it and I’m glad I did. What do you think?

Thanks to Bobbie at Spa 313. I’d trust my hair in her hands any day of the week! Spa 313 is located at:

313 N La Brea

Inglewood CA 90302.

(310) 677-6439.


15 thoughts on “Gone Tomorrow

  1. Love, love, LOVE it because you are tippy with or without and I’m glad I’m getting to know you 🙂 gold ate prolly rilling their eyes st this comment but like you I’ve had really long hair and just got bored so snip, snip. You look lighter and younger 😉 Not that you looked old 😦 Ughh I always feel like I’m rambling with you, lolololololololol!!

  2. you look fabulous! I beleive every woman should cut your hair at least once LOL I had never cut my hair pass a trim, but last a year ago I went from a bra strap length to a TWA hahaha I loved it! and everyone who would be “why would you do such a crazy thing?” loved it enjoy your new look 🙂

  3. It’s a cute cut! I will grow back! I know you remember I cut my hair shorter than yours more than once! I Loved it short also. So experiment with different ways to style your hair. It’s a new hot look on you!

  4. Go girl. You can experiment with different hAIRDOS. Maybe bangs, a little curl to the side in the front etc. I like it. You aren’t locked in hair anymore. I had to come out of that but people still will say it’s pretty.

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