Guest Blogger: Roodlyne of Anointed Heels

Today’s guest is Roodlyne of Anointed Heels.  Let me just say Roodlyn cracks me up!  She’s super witty and truly exemplifies what a blessing living for God can be.  She is a software engineer from Palm Beach and when I asked what some of her favorites are she said she’s a self proclaimed bookworm or “stalk-amazon-for-free-kindle-book junkie”.  HAHA!  I love it!  Roodlyne is yet another woman I met through my bloggins excapades and I”m glad to share her with you.  Let’s step inside her world as she discusses All Things New!


Hola chicas!


I love new things, I’m sure you do too, that’s the reason we shop so much isn’t it? as a matter of fact my blazer is (new) new to me… it’s thrifted.

God being the gentleman that He is knew that well, so He made sure we get things on the regular… new days, new years, and even new mercy… in Lamentaion 3:22-23 it’s says that His mercies are new every morning,
and His love never fails.


I get exited over that because I know that whatever I went though last year or yesterday, it’s in the past. I have brand new mercy for today, for this year. the past failures that keep on accusing me, telling me I’m not good enough or tries to keep me from moving forward I can shake it off and embrace this new day that the Lord has made. I’m free from my past. I’m free from the guilt. I’m free from yesterday.

Last year hasn’t been very nice to me, I got knock down, chew off, and rip to pieces but you know what?

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,”


I made it! I made it to a new year, although I got some major detours, God like the GPS is saying recalculating! so I’m ready to take the next legal U-turn and be on my way!

Because He makes all things new!


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