Stroke of Luck


For some, the new year brings with it hopes for the future, a fresh start pr a time to turn over a new leaf.  Sadly, for others, the new year brings resentment towards people and things that didn’t fall into the perfect plan they had concocted.  Everything didn’t go quite as planned.

I wonder how many of us stop to understand that sometimes not getting what we want can be a blessing.  Not getting what we want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of good luck, because it forces us to reevaluate things and before we know it,  new doors to opportunities are opening and experiences you would have otherwise overlooked suddenly becomes clear as day.

What am I saying?  The next time you begin to count all the many “unanswered” prayers you’ve sent up, stop and realize that God always answers prayers.  The answer may not be what you had envisioned, but God always answers.

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8 thoughts on “Stroke of Luck

  1. I have so learned that… Sometimes NO is just a denial for me there’s something bigger & better! It may not be what I need/want but God has a better plan so I wait & yet I trust! Thanks for sharing you are such a cutie pie!

  2. Its hard to accept it when you are in the moment, but I agree with you sometimes obstacles or not getting our way is a blessing in disguise. My beloved grandmother used to share this spiritual quote with me from the Quran: ‘sometimes what/who we love is not good for us and what/who we dislike hold much benefit for us.” Happy 2013 new year to you and everyone else, hopefully it will be full of many blessings for us.

  3. I haven’t given up on people. I’m open to new people but I still think two or three good friends is better than 20. I think the problem lies with people being with a lot of people just to have so called friends to hang with. Good ones are hard to find.
    Sometimes you haven’t seen people for years but they are still friends when you can see them again.

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