Insta-Year in Review


// LEFT to RIGHT//

1. Gestational Diabetes is a drag.

2. Love my Stuarts and anklet.

3.  Good times with the Dodgers.

4.  blog la vie

5.  My work buds wished me a happy birthday.

6.  The first L.A. BLMeet Up!  Success!

7.  First trip to Disneyland.

8. Timbs.

9.  Jaxon being silly.

10. Love Necklace c/o Shop Chameleon

11.  Welcome Jayde Lynn Young.

12.  BLM merchandise.

13.  With one of my nephews, Tarieq.

14.  Accidental snap in the car that actually turned out alright.

15.  My president.

16. Young Adult Life Group:  The Truth About Relationships.

17.  on the set with Myesha Chaney.

18.  mohawk man

19.  Christmas

20.  I rarely do hats.

21.  Pregnant

22.  The Man

23.  BLM: Bloggers Like Me

24.  Julia’s millions of birthday balloons.

25.  Any given night at the Young house.

Happy New Year and God Bless You!



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