Love is meant to be shared

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Why do so many people save their love?  Why do they consciously avoid putting their heart into their relationships, surrendering, opening up, and sharing?  Is it because they want to save it all for the right person? 

What if when the right person comes along they don’t realize it, they don’t know how to open up, and they don’t know anything about the act of loving.

Like most things, practice makes perfect.  Love is meant to me shared and practiced.  

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post as part of Bloggers Do Winter Coats.

boots: Steve Madden // jeans: Seven // scarf & bag: c/o mimiboutique



5 thoughts on “Love is meant to be shared

  1. Everything you’ve said is so true. I know in my case, I’ve been afraid to open up. But looking back, that fear always ended doing more damage. I’ve realized that the more love I give, the more God blesses me with so much more. Thank you for the reminder.

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