The fabulous girls of BLM {Bloggers Like Me} are doing a Blog Hop.  What’s a blog hop?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s a way to read posts from bloggers about a specific subject or in a specific blog genre.  In this case, the BLM Girls are doing a holiday inspired blog hop with a requirement of including at least one goal for 2013.

My overarching goal for 2013 is to get organized and mean it.  I’ve always been a pretty organized person.  At work, my desk is always tidy, my inbox is always neatly organized, my daily list of things to do are usually written out on a cute piece of pink paper, but when it comes to being organized outside of that, I don’t have a handle on things.  In fact, my disorganization is teetering on scary.  An outsider looking in might think I’m over-exaggerating but really, I need some organization on the home front.

Part of the challenge is that I feel like there are a bunch of things that I’m juggling, none of which I want to put down.  I’ve been told that the best way to decide what you need to do is to decide what you don’t need to do.  Essentially, in addition to creating a “To-Do” list, decide to create a “To-Don’t” list.  Which bullets all the things that actually don’t fall into the funnel of reaching your ultimate goal.  It’s an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of unproductive habits, like checking Facebook and Twitter, randomly browsing news websites, etc.  Create one and post it up in your workspace where you can see it.  Just imagine how much time you’d have if you spent less time on Pinterest alone.  {Time out.  Can we talk about Pinterest for a second?  If you don’t know about it, Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board where you can “pin” images from all over the web in once place for future reference.  You pretty much don’t ever have to print another thing again.  I warn you, it’s highly addictive.  Here’s my pinterest page, take a look…and then make your “To-Don’t” list after that.  LOL}

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  Time is valuable and in order to accomplish the long list of To-Do’s on your list, it’s important to focus and pay attention to those most important tasks.  You might even think about creating a “To-Don’t” list in your relationships.  What don’t or won’t you accept in your relationships!

Whichever method you choose, here’s to hoping your 2013 is as successful as I’m planning mine to be!

This post is powered by #BLMGirls.  You can also check out other posts from our #BLMBlogHop by visiting this link: Curls and Mo and learn more about BLMGirls by clicking on the BLM badge in my sidebar.


One thought on “To-Don’t

  1. I have given up on to-do list and new years resolutions long time ago, Let say I made my to-don’t list LOL for 2013 if theres one thing I really need to do is fix my sleep pattern to go to bed early and wake up realy and not be late!

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