…that not every outfit choice is a good outfit choice. LOL

I hope everyone had a tummy-stuffin good Thanksgiving!

The things I’m most thankful for go without saying. God, who has given me more than I could ever hope to deserve. My HUSBAND, because the good Lord knows I’d be a wreck without him. My children, whom I love to pieces and my family and friends. This group of folks is treasured beyond words.

Here are 3 other things I’m thankful for just off the top of the noggin…

1. The amazing woman who makes coffee at the j.o.b. every morning. Without her, I’m not sure I’d be able to function before 10 am.

2. That extra hour of sleep we got, oh right around Halloween, yep, I’m still clinging on to that for dear life.

3. Reality TV…for obvious reasons. lol

Be kind as you’re out shopping away on Black Friday!


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