Here we are, Thanksgiving!  For the past 7 days, the girls of Bloggers Like Me, have been doing kind acts in response to our 7 Days of Kindness challenge.  The brilliant idea came about from the beautiful mind of Christa Myers from Inspired By Beatrice Clay. .We’ve been posting pictures and sharing stories, capturing their kindness in action.  You can catch up on all of their good deeds by search the #BLMgirlsCARE hashtag.

It’s interesting how the brain works.  All week long during this challenge, I’ve been coming up with creative ways to show kindness.  Every day from the moment I woke up to the moment I laid down I was thinking.  Now, even after the challenge is over, I’m still thinking about kind things I can do.    It’s what I call the treadmill effect, that feeling like you’re still running moments after you step off the machine {or so I’ve heard lol}.  And you know what, that’s the essence of it all.  Being others focused, not because of a challenge, not even because you’re being intentional, but because it’s become a natural thing to do.

Here are some of the kind things our ladies did during these past 7 days…

I brought the shopping cart all the way back to the cart lot. @fashiondujour
Up early finishing the layers on the red velvet cheesecake. @mbblife
Today is my boyfriend’s birthday. Usually his mom decorates her house, bakes him a cake and gives him a card. Since we now live together, I wanted to give him that same feeling. I put up streamers, bought him cupcakes and a ribbon to wear. I later planned a surprise birthday dinner at #BossaNova in west #LA and invited his closest friends. He thought it was only a dinner for two. I surely hope he enjoyed his birthday @nikstarsoamazin
Letting folks merge!!!! #woosah @fashiondujour
I can’t imagine something tragic like this happening anytime let alone right before the holidays. Im going to make that call tomorrow to see how i can help. @willworkforheels
Received this in the mail today from one of my fav @blmgirls…@ministerofstyle!Thx so much! I can’t wait to create some fab updos! @chicroni
#Breakfast in bed. Weekend trip with hubby had room service delivered! Just because. @mzm40
Made biscuits with my mini me this morning! Love our one on one time in the kitchen! @yummommies
-it’s rare when you meet someone and instantly click… @b_nicolle I you, since day one you had showed nothing but loyalty to meeh and I just wa Ted to let you know I cherish the friendship we have today tomorrow and in the future to come @uniikleemeeh
I was a little no A LOT ticked off with my teenage daughter this morning. My mascara went missing. I spent 20 minutes looking for it to no avail. When things go missing my antennas go up and point in the direction of my teenager. We’ve had lots of explosive arguments about her touching and taking my things without asking. This morning was fixin’ to be the same until i remembered my commitment to let my KIND SHINE bright especially in my most difficult of relationships. Instead of holding a grudge I decided not to sweat the small stuff (like mascara) and do the KIND thing and let it go. I even stopped by the bakery and picked up some sweets for my daughter. @beatriceclay
Donated books to the “books for kids” drive at work. @tickanascha
Today I called my former college work study boss. She still works at ASU!! She remembered my voice immediately!! She was the nicest and most memorable adult in my life from college. I called to check in on her and update her on me! She said I made her day!! But she Really made mine too!! It’s a good feeling when u know someone who is not related to you Really cares about your well being @bernettastyle
The USPS hasn’t been doing so well but our mailman is always on time and cheerful. So we wrote him a note to thank him! @MzM40


3 thoughts on “#BLMgirlsCARE

  1. Beautiful post Leslie, one act of kindness at a time speaks volume. I came across Christa’s blog today and I love it.
    You my dear are doing an amazing work and God will bless you beyond measures. The dedication and hard work you put forth reqires alot of sacrifice and it does not go unnotice.
    As we celebrate this wonderful holiday. I am thankful for so many things and one of those things is meeting inspiring, God fearing people like you.
    ( I can’t believe it will be close to 4 years since I started following your blog)

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