My Insta-Life

1.  MaMuffyns enjoying some squash for the first time simultaneously squeezing my fingertips to death.

2.  Absentee ballot.  Done and done.  I don’t do lines.

3. L.A.’s finest tap water…. :-\  Boxed Water is Better.

4. The beauty Simona of at the BLMeet Up

5. Accidental snapshot in the car.  Surprisingly clear picture.

6. Supporting my nephew Tarieq (T-Nice).  Ya, he ‘s nice.

7.  His and Hers Tiramasu at Yamashiro.

8.  Attended the 15th Annual First Ladies High Tea hosted by Lisa Collins, Editor in Chief of L.A. Focus on the WordNewspaper.

9.  DIY necklace made of antique buttons.  Created by Tieko of Nejo .

10.  I don’t do Chuck E. Cheese but…

11.  ASOS dress and pink heels for Breast Cancer Awareness month (October)

12.  Had to do an impersonation of Dee Dee from

13.  L.A. Focus Newspaper article.  It never gets old seeing my work every month.

14.  Trends galore: hair bow, statement earrings, dramatic Audrey Hep sunnies.

15.  1/4 lof the oves of my life.

16.  On set with Myesha Chaney.

17.  My favorite ring.  I hardly wear it because I’m afraid I’ll damage it.  Handcrafted by the beautiful and talented Franny of

18.  3/4 of the loves of my life.

19.  Throwback…what day is today.

20.  I love pom pom beanies.

21.  Ever get the feeling someone’s watching you!

22.  They say she looks just like me.

23.  His one red sock aggrivates my OCD.

24.  The Girls

25.  The Blog


6 thoughts on “My Insta-Life

  1. Thanks for the tidbits. Someone’s watching me all the time, don’tlike to be stared at. I’m an absentee ballot, make sure it’ll get there. Starbucks? cheaper to make my mocha at home. ha ha ha

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