My Insta-life

I sorta feel like Instagram blog posts are cheating because, they’re super simple to create!  Oh well, everyone knows that if it didn’t happen on Instagram it didn’t happen.  LOL

1.  5 O’clock shadow. caught in the act. kiss the baby.

2.  I totally forgot I had these Stuart Weitzman’s and this anklet, well clearly it’s a necklace.

3.  He took me {and the church} out to the ball game.

4.  Simona of Good Looking Out Blog at our LA BLMeet Up

5.  Not amused!

6.  It’s not too late to attend a meet up in your area.   See the FB wall for sete

7.  The BLM {Bloggers Like Me} Girls also support worthy causes like breast cancer awareness.  Our goal is to raise $2,400 through donations.  Interested, join the group!


7 thoughts on “My Insta-life

  1. Had fun with ya Friday night 🙂 LOL at your kids… I think I may kidnap one, two orrrrr all three of them! Too cute!

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