Some Times It’s Hard


Sometimes it’s hard to be the bigger person.  Sometimes you wonder what would happen if you really gave someone a so called “piece of your mind”.  Sometimes it’s hard to take the high road. Sometimes you want to just do some good old table shaking!

Then you remember who you are and who’s you are!  You remember the patience that God has extended you.  You remember the unmerited grace and mercy you’ve been given.  You remember no weapon formed against you can prosper.  And you persevere and you are better for it!

{sunnies: Target | top: Pennies | shoes: Badgley Mischka| watch: Michael Kors}


22 thoughts on “Some Times It’s Hard

  1. This is right on time!! The Holy Spirit has been holding my tongue lately! Deep down, I know that there is a greater purpose and a lesson for myself and for others. Trying to be salt in this world.

    BTW- I love the color of that top!

  2. I have often held back words in my life and remebered that you couldn;’t take them back. However as time has gone on I’ve learned to talk for myself and not be stepped on. I feel better now.

  3. And sometimes you have to tell them,” Don’t shake if you ain’t to eat shook!” In my K.Michelle voice… Hahaha

  4. Good reminder of something that I’m working on. Have to remember to extend the same grace that God gives to me each and everyday. And yes, sometimes that is extremely hard!

  5. Great post. Sometimes you want to shake the table but you KNOW the next step can lead to shaking somebody! Well not physically but we want our haters, fans and critics to all stay on an even playing field where we remain the victory. Victory = being politically correct while firm in our beliefs. Kill them with kindness and remain focused who who you are. Well stated.

  6. Leslie you are such a doll and you are so right class is knowing what to say and when to say it. I know sometimes it’s hard to bite your tongue, but it does make you the bigger person. I’m loving the look and you look great and definitely don’t look like you recently had a baby. You bounced back very quickly.

  7. Not only is this look effortless and gorg on you, but your words are lovely and SO on point. Thanks for the reminder that although it’s (really) hard to hold back sometimes, there are definitely merits to doing so. Note to self: STOP shaking tables, LOL.

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