BLMEET UP L.A. Recap…after the nerves

Talk about nerve wracking! The whole thing was my ‘brilliant’ idea and there I was shaking in my Bebe stiletto sandals and sweating like there was no tomorrow in anticipation of what the next couple of hours would bring. I’m not much of a public speaker, and truth be told, I’m not much of a small talk mingler, but this was different. I wasn’t engaging in meaningless conversations. I wasn’t networking. I didn’t turn into a “me monster” and hijack conversations to talk about myself. I was actually hosting an event were I was learning about the women who’s blogs I stalk…er umm read…and I was enjoying myself.

The week of August 26th, was the “Week of The Meet Up”! BLM Girls from all over the country met up in one of five major cities {New York, Houston, Atlanta, DMV and Los Angeles} to meet face to face for the first time after getting to know each other through the Bloggers Like Me {BLM} Facebook Group. Girls enjoyed appetizers, games, raffles but mostly enjoyed each other and getting the chance to really connect, which honestly was the only item on the agenda. If you ask me, mission accomplished!

The Los Angeles BLMeet Up was hosted by yours truly and was held at the lovely Moreton Fig restaurant smack dab in the middle of the USC campus. It was the perfect outdoor setting and with the school year starting that very week, the campus was alive with students, athletes and parents, walking by and peeking into our event. We were so grateful to have such wonderful sponsors of this event; Darren Williams Photography was present to capture the events of the evening. College Girl Cupcakes provide yummy yummy treats. That handsome gentleman at Young Connection handled all of the printing needs including the step & repeat banner. Tiffany Ink some graphic design services. Last, but absolutely not least, is who sponsored all of the giveaway jewelry that each attendee received. Let me say that again, MimiBoutique.comnot only sponsored all of the jewelry at the Los Angeles event, they sponsored the jewelry at every event. We’re talking a boat load of merchandise! They can’t help it, they love us and the feeling’s mutual!

This was not only the first event that I’d been too, but it was the first event I had hosted. I’m not huge when it comes to talking in front of a big group of people and I certainly don’t consider myself a professional small talker, so I was so glad that everything seemed to just fall into place. I had meaningful conversations with girls who I’d seen on the blogosphere and finally got to meet in person. When I had to get up and talk, I felt so at ease. It was totally a God thing. Otherwise, I’d have been shaking in my stilletos. One of the highlights of the night was when each of the bloggers read and answered a random question. My favorite question was, “what is your favorite reality TV show and which character from the show do you most identify with?” Our BLMGirls said that while her favorite show as Basketball Wives, she most identified with Kim Kardashian. I think we all see Kimmie as the friend in our heads.

I loved seeing all the #BLMeetUp feedback and pictures and I’m beginning to get that itch again! We’re going throw together something fun soon! If you’d like to join us, be sure to submit a request to join and we’d love to have you join the party.

It was soo good seeing/meeting you girls Sherree Lewis, Jolai Draper, Shawnika Cuffey, Nikki Nichelle of Beats n Crates, Tamara of Tam’s Glam, Natalya Dannell of Rock Fabulous Finds, Tiffany Crawford of PosenPlay Photography and, L.V. Sturgess Davis of Food Fashion and Flow, Nickie Evans of Nickie’s Niche, Kimberly Marie of, Ronique Nicole of Food and the City, Shonte Powers Brown, Flo Harrison of Beauty Artistry Insider, Ferriss Mason of Urban Vintage, Eboni Goodin of Rewind Fash Forward, Lauren Jamar of Kizmit, Tricia from House of Style LA, and my wonderful husband Jonathan and my brother, Oscar!

Now, for a recap of all of these events: Click here >;;

19 thoughts on “BLMEET UP L.A. Recap…after the nerves

  1. Beautiful recap! The photos look AMAZEBALLS! The food looks delicious and look at all those pretty brown smiling faces!!! Reading your recap has brought back the waarm fuzzies from our NYC BLMeetup! So happy you MOVED and on this MOVEMENT Les! ***hugs****

  2. Great photos Leslie! I was shocked to click on your page and see my picture at the top, LOL. Our meetup was such a nice and flawlessly executed event. So many amazing ladies there and such great energy. And of course the giveaway items were awesome and the sweet treats were mouthwatering:-) it was so nice to put real faces with so many of the women I interact with through their blogs and on Facebook Great event!.

  3. Loved it! Can’t wait until I’m able to attend my first BLM event!! I am just so far away from you guys…but great event! You are doing BIG things and really building community amongst us women of color!!! You are to be applauded!!!!

  4. You can tell this was a fantastic event, lotsa love passed around, and you all look just like those gorgeous cupcakes and goodies! Great job, BLM, much continued success!

  5. Nice recap had so much fun given that I didn’t feel I had a purpose being present as I am not a blogger. I had a chance to socialize and mingle with some lovely women who I have had the chance to communicate with even after the meet. My nervous, I can say did not get the best of meeh!! Thank goodness, everyone was nice and it’s my pleasure to be apart of #BLMGirls!!

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