My Insta-Life

1. ASOS dress that I ordered for the BLMeet Up.  Arrived later than I had hoped so I didn’t get to wear it.

2. Some of the sweetest girls I know wished me a happy birthday!

3.  Got the pics from the photographer, Darren Williams Photographyand I’m super excited with the job he did!  Find him on Facebook.

4.  MaMuffyns and Daddy!

5.  Yes, I’m 32 and yes I rode Space Mountain and YES I loved it!

6.  Check out the Disneyland pics.

7.  What am I going to do with my Julia!?!  She loves my Mimi Boutique bag…and I don’t blame her, even if it IS bigger than she is.  

8.  The kids loving on Jayde.  Jayde…not about this life!

9.  The Hubs swooped me up for a lunch date at Harold and Belle’s Creole food.  Yumtastic!

10.  Macrons…to LIVE for!

11.  I guess she showed me, huh!  WERK!


11 thoughts on “My Insta-Life

  1. What an exciting life!! Julia is my niece in my head and I’m cheering her on (finds old handbag to mail to her). Jayde is like why y’all squeezing me, LOL?! Thanks for sharing and giving me hope 😉

  2. What a beautiful look into your Insta-Life, I LOVE it!!! Fantastic photos, gorgeous family, and look out!! Julia is coming for ya!! 🙂

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