Just Say What You Need to Say

Everyone has this little judgmental voice inside their head.  It’s always there watching you.  It was born and raised by your family, friends, coworkers, bosses and society at large, and its sole purpose is to watch you and make sure you “stay in line”.  Once you become accustomed to the voice’s presence, you begin to think it’s opinion of what’s acceptable and unacceptable are absolute truths.  But they are not truths, they’re just opinions – forceful opinions that have the potential to completely brainwash you of your own opinions if you aren’t careful.

No, you should not start randomly cussing and acting like a fool.  But you must say what you need to say when you need to say it.  It may be your only chance to do so.

Don’t censor yourself.  Speak the truth.  Your truth.  And speak it in love.

{sunnies: Target | top: Red Tag | shoes: BEBE | clitch: thrifted | earrings: c/o Karen of Stella & Dot


22 thoughts on “Just Say What You Need to Say

  1. You probably didn’t mean this for me because I am so VERY vocal and bold (smile). Not in a negative way but I am so passionate about the state of education as a educator who so desperately wants out that I refuse to fall in line and not teach my students real skills and help them develop a love for literacy. That’s just one example but you get my drift. I’ve been told I’m too analytical and vocal but my mom says God gave it to me to enhance His Kingdom so pray I censor it. I kid not! Xo…you are such a blessing.

  2. I have to really think about this. Am I saying or not saying something I was raised not to say? I had to do a lot of soul searching realizing I grew up told what to say and not to say actually how to think and not to think. I was raised in a really strict encironment, the school I was sent to, and at home.

  3. Sometimes you have to randomly cuss snd act a fool!!! Ok I am clearly still worked up. Good points. Love that top 😉 kiss the kids for me and tell the girls never play a bride the wk before her wedding!!!

  4. You look AMAZING, I love the whole “fit”!! Your quote is so great, and to repeat a portion of the title of Jewel Diamond Taylor’s book: “Desperation is a Terrible Perfume to Wear!”

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