No matter what you do or how you do it, there will always be people that disagree with what you’re doing.  That’s life.  So don’t try please everyone.  Simply do what you know is right.  And remember, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, it matters how many people do.

Thoughts and prayers with the families in Colorado.

{sunnies: Target|necklace: c/o| top: thrifted|shoes: Steve Madden}


22 thoughts on “Cans

  1. I am just reading this post #latepass but let me tell you why I needed it…with the wedding ummmm 11days away everyone is pulling me in 853(my go to big #) directions. Ppl are being rude, haters, drama queens. Bananas!!! My wedding is planned out to the max, payments made and I am already packed for the honeymoon. So it dawned on me last night that I needed to be centered and focused and stop triping about these crazies.I meditated and prayed this morn then read this post. I say all this to say I know God placed you in my path last year and I love when I figure out why 😉

  2. Love the blog! Took me a minute to find you but I’m here…

    May be moving back to the west coast (Pasa*dena* Gurl) this summer, so maybe I may have the chance to rub shoulders with ya soon!

  3. Agree agree agree… I say what works for me may NOT work for you. I have tried in many cases avoiding so much but have found that this is my story and I have to tell it. Their will always be nose flaring but thats LIFE.. You can’t please everyone! As you said “it matter who does get it”. Anyhow you look amaze as always, shoes are stunning, and prayers indeed to the Colorado families!!

  4. Leslie girl I can’t tell you just had a baby because you look great bounced back in no time. I wish it was that easy for me when I had my babies. Love the quote “she turned her can’t into cans”

  5. Amen! You look lovely as always. I love that line “she turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plan.” The whole poem is awesome! That’s exactly what I am doing…one beautiful day at a time!

  6. Agree agree agree!! I have to say that I’ve been one to attempt to avoid many situations with me not necessarily being the cause and avoiding has lead me to realizing that this is my story and not wishing for someone else to tell it…. What doesn’t make you weak makes you stronger, what works for me may NOT work for you but that’s what separates us from being individuals. It’s just unfortunate, that people judge without knowing the story but like you said THAT’S LIFE!! Anyhow my LOVE, you look gorgeous as always!! Kisses to Jayde! Prayers indeed to Colorado families!!

  7. Hey sexy mama! Did you just give birth?!!! You look great Leslie. BTW I thought you would be at the Bloggers meeting in GA. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Cali. Hopefully next time 😦

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