I Promise

{specks: thrifted | necklace: Target | dress – worn open: Gap | bag: c/o Mimiboutique.com}

…this outfit looked so much cuter when I was getting dressed in the cave that is my closet.   Oh well!

This is my first post since Jayde Lynn Young came into my life.  She’s every bit of amazing that you can imagine!  And I don’t mean amazing in a superficial Rachel Zoe kinda way, I mean amazing in a life altering kind of way.  For anyone who’s ever given birth, you know what I mean.  There are no words you can really put to the exhilarating feeling of becoming a mother and bringing life into the world.

As I sit here typing away, little Jayde is peacefully slumbering in my lap.  I love her newborn squeeks and dreamy smiles.  I like to think that her smiles are not just simply newborn reflexes but instead they are her way of telling me that I’m doing something right.

Oh and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to go to my BIL’s wedding on July 1st.  I was hoping and praying Jayde would come early enough for me to share in this very special day and she did!  I only stayed for a short while as my brother, who is an experienced father, was keeping Jayde and I didn’t want  things to get crazy for him.   The bride, my sister Josslyn, was nothing short of stunning!  She’s gorgeous naturally, but she was glowing and just looked like the fairytale bride!.  Here’s a shot of my hubs, the best man, and I.

{blazer: thrifted | dress: Target | watch: Target | earrings: DIY |clutch: thrifted}

Kinda bummed because my camera died moments before the bride walked down the aisle.   Doh!  But I did manage to get a couple of cute shots of Jaxon {ring bearer} and Julia {flower girl}.

What a fantastically crazy coupla weeks!


28 thoughts on “I Promise

  1. OMG, Julia the flower girl is so incredible beautiful and cute. Just found your lovely blog. Maybe we could follow each other? 🙂 let me know.


  2. Congratulations on your new baby! You snapped back in shape so fast….amazing!! You have a beautiful family and I love the outfits you have on!

  3. The kids look adoreable. You better not be tricking me and having me think I will look this great after I have a baby!!!!! #blmgirl

  4. Congratulations on your little lovely! I’m sure she’s smiling because she lucked out with an awesome mom. I really like the blazer/dress combination you wore to the wedding. You look great!

    1. Aww, that’s sweet Tai! Now that I’m looking at it, the wedding outfit turned out okay afterall. It was one of those outfits that was pulled together last minute. I bought the dress the day before at Target and I had less than a half hour to get showered, makeup, dressed for the wedding. It was a little chaotic. LOL

  5. you are so amazing!! You give birth and attend a wedding a few days later and Little miss jayde is not yet 2 weeks old and you are already cranking out more outfit posts!! Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! And may God continue to bless you in so many ways! Your nickname should be “Superwoman” congrats again and very cute outfits!!

    1. Amazing or…crazy! LOL Truth be told, I really haven’t gone anywhere. The last time I got dressed and left the house was last week to take Jayde to the doctor. I feel like I’m becoming a hermit.

  6. You look fabulous darling! I’m so happy for you doll. You have a beautiful family 🙂


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