Come on already…

In the real world 3 cm isn’t really a whole lot, but in the world of baby making, it’s a pretty big deal…in my eyes at least.

My most recent doctor’s visit was yesterday and with my due date drawing near I wanted to know how I was progressing.  Dr Lynch {the best OB in the galaxy} checked me out  and let me know that my cervix is now 3 cm and I can pretty much go into labor any minute.  Excited?  Yes, but I was all of a sudden overwhelmed with all the stuff I still need to do.

My BIL is getting married on July 1st which means I have to get both of my children and my husband ready the day of.  I started thinking about scheduling for the doctor to induce me so I asked what all was involved and what she suggested didn’t sound too appealing.  Primarily, it would mean that she would have to “go in” and manually efface the cervix, basically scraping my cervix with her finger.  No thanks!  She did share some other ways to induce labor such as pressure, intercourse and evening primrose oil.  She also said labor isn’t normally induced until after the due date and really only if there are complications with the baby.  

The good news is that she doesn’t suspect there will be any issues at all with the delivery since my last two were so easy and since I’m already dialating on my own.

Okay so before I go I have to tell you what’s going on with my outfit.  First of all, I had this outfit on for all of 8 minutes.  I literally put it on, went outside, took some pictures, came back in the house and put my robe back on and kicked up my swollen feet.  8 minutes of screaming pain if you ask my feet.  LOL

The really cute leopard hi-low skirt that I’m wearing as a top was actually sent to me by Terysa at Haute Chocolate.  She’s an up and coming clothing designer and wanted to see how a big ol’ pregnant gal would rock her skirt.  I attempted to wear it the traditional way, as a skirt with the short part in front and the long part in back, but that was just obscene.  So, I brought it up, turned it around so that the long part was in front and belted it.  There you have it.

Haute Chocolate is actually doing a traveling skirt series so the skirt is off to Texas for another blogger to style in her own special way!  I can’t wait to see what she does!  Thanks for the opportunity, Terysa!

sunnies: thrifted | earrings: c/o Rock Fabulous Finds | top/skirt: c/o Haute Chocolate | belt: thrifted | ring: Target | shoes: Speed Limit 98

Are you keeping up with the…


50 thoughts on “Come on already…

  1. Why did I see your picture on a tumblr thread before this post? lol You were working that outfit. I am mad I am just now checking out your site. You look great, as usual. Congrats!

  2. Lilke always Miss lady…you know how to work it…i love the outfit I wish i looked that good when i was pregnant. I can’t believe baby Jayde is almost here can’t wait to see her…take care and don’t try to do too much…take it easy…

  3. Very nice outfit. Get gurl! I can’t believe baby Jayde will be here already. I dont know about you, but this was a quick pregnancy :=)Many blessings to you and family. I cant wait to see baby girl.

  4. Please…please….please tell me I’ll be this beautiful when I’m pregnant!!! Congrats on welcoming baby Jayde to the world!!!
    Oh and this Dr. Lynch…does he/she have a first name? (I’m asking because I know we’re in the same area)

    1. You’re so sweet Steph! I have far more days when I feel like blah than I do when I feel like ow! 🙂 Pregnant women have a natural glow. I think the trick is for us to just know and feel beautiful, but it’s sometimes easier said than done! 🙂

      My OB is Dr. Cristal Lynch. She really is amazing!

  5. How exciting! When I went to the doctor they said I was 3.5 cm. The next morning we induced labor the old fashioned way. If you know what I mean. I immediately went into labor. Lol!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy delivery.

  6. Normally I take a peek at the blog and move along (terrible I know) but I have to say…I love this look! And so do a few ladies in the office that happened to be peeking over my shoulder as I hit up your page.
    Oh my, time has flown by! I can’t believe Jayde is almost here. When I read that you were so close to your due date, I looked at the current date and realized it was the 22nd already…and you are still cranking out outfits! Wow Leslie…where has the time gone! Well, I can’t wait to see little Jaydie…(next week!?)

    1. YOU DO REALIZE THAT BLOGGERS HATE YOU RIGHT? LOL You are a lurker! Leave comments for heaven’s sakes. I’m totally the pot calling the kettle black because I do it too from time to time. We all do, I just needed to make a point.

      DOH! That reminds me I need to send you those pics. They are kind of boho-chic-ish. You’ll see what I mean. I have wild hair.

      XOXO! I hope you and the rest of the aunties are ready for in flood of Jayde pics!

      1. I think anyone who does any kind of social media hates looky-loos and lurkers! You want you posts liked, shared, reblogged, pinned and tweeted. Notice me dang it, and when you get feedback its like “Yay, they like me. They really like me” Lol. I know I feel that way about EVERYTHING esp Tumblr.
        Pix,,,ooh, can’t wait! Ow!

  7. Baby Girl!! I’m so glad to see and hear that you are doing great, and baby Jayde will be here soon!! BUT, you make me nervous in those shoes, glad you only had them on for 8 minutes!! Love you, miss you, praying for you!!

    1. HEY MOMMA!! I know, right? These shoes were such a bad idea. Yes, they were only on for 8 minutes I promise. They basically popped off my feet with a puff of smoke when I yanked them off. LOL Thank you for your prayers!

    1. LOL!!! I was totally kidding babe! Getting you ready meaning…ummm…making sure…ummm…helping…ummm {remove foot from mouth} JAYDE WANTED ME TO TELL YOU SHE LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!

      1. LOL, love you guys! This exchange has me cracking up. Oh, Les we checked out the website and one of the girls said you wore it better than the model (forgot to mention that last time). Hows that for a pregnant lady

  8. you did an awesome job with the skirt. this is the kinda picture you see, and you don’t know the story behind it and you go all swoon “i wish I could wear when I was preggo” LOL so thanks for letting me in on the secret 8 minutes got it lol.

    that wedding is cutting it close! either way I pray for safe and fast labor. theres a bunch of virtual aunties waiting to meet Jayde 🙂

    1. Thank you SUPERMOM!

      I know, I’m just trusting that the Lord will make a way. I was bummed when I learned that the wedding date was so close to my delivery date. I was supposed to be in the wedding and the sweet bride left it up to me to decide if I would be able to still be in it. Selfishly I wanted to say yes, but honestly, that would have been a nightmare for the bride. Can you imagine how stressed she would have been, not knowing if I’ll be in the wedding or having a baby. 😦 That would have been the first wedding I’d ever been in.

      I cant wait to send the Aunties pictures.

      1. No way!! really? I have been in so many wedding to the point I started to hate weedings LOL
        when I was a kid, me and my sister we were like the wedding poster child. everybody wanted us in there wedding and my mom LOOOOve to put us in those matching puffy dresses LOL.
        maybe Jaybe will let you make the wedding even if you’re no in it and she’ll be a 4th of July baby 🙂

        1. Awww! How cute. You’ll have to share pictures some time! Weddings are right up Julia’s alley. We’ll see how Jayde grows into it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed just to be able to atend. 🙂

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