Hmmm…yep, neglect is probably the word I’m looking for when it comes to posting.  However, I feel like I’ve got a completely respectable reason.

You see, I had been thinking long and hard about a way to get ‘bloggers like me’ to connect and build relationships.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I started a Facebook group for this purpose, which I’m happy to say has grown pretty quickly.  While the group is by invitation only, it’s totally not one of those exclusive high brow kinda groups, I promise you.  In all sincerity, the only reason I made it exclusively by invitation is because some weirdo male lurkers were asking to join and it’s not that kinda party.  LOL!

We’ve got a couple of fun things on the calendar this summer and I’m pretty excited to share.  One of which will be happening in August {which coincidentally happens to be my birthday month} here in Los Angeles, with details to come.  The other is going to take place completely online on the Facebook page and will be open to the entire group.  Feel free to join us if you like.  Click below or on the badge in the sidebar for an invite.  

We’re also a bunch of tweeting maniacs…in the most fashionable sense of the expression…so you can follow our #BLMGirls hashtags.

Outside of these to-do’s that I’ve been noodling, I’ve been trying to…

(1) elevate my feet above my heart most of the day, (2) work on some product reviews that I’m actually pretty excited about, (3) satisfy my thrifting itch every now and then (4) get the kids rooms ready for Jayde’s arrival (5) keep the hubs his usual happy self.

…among other things and THAT’s why I’ve been slackin!

Before I go, I have to remind you about the MimiBoutique giveaway!  Who couldn’t use some FREE new jewlery!

hair scarf: swapped | sunnies: Target | denim shirt: | earrings: thrifted | bag: c/o MimiBoutique | sandies: Bamboo


47 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. You make pregnant look FAB! Im glad to finally know what BLM girls mean now! Im hopping on board and would love to hear more about the LA event.

  2. So cute! The scarf and denim gives it a “Rosie the riveter” vintage vibe. Me likey! From the look of your to-do list you seem to be the modern version of Rosie! Umm, how ’bout you just kick your feet up and relax a lil before Jayde gets here (which is only seconds from now, lol). I swear you have not slowed down on bit!

    1. LOL! I can’t help it. I feel guilty if I just sit. Like I need to/should be doing something productive! Which reminds me I have some DIYs to get to. I think I stuck in the fact that while I’m kicking my feet up thinking about my passion, someone else is out there acting on it! That burns me! LOL

      1. True Indeed BUT take a load off as someone already mentioned…your are creating something right now!! But I always say that I admire and impressed about your get-up and go, go, go!!!

  3. Hey momma, you’re almost there. So excited for you and your family. Leslie you are doing good. I was so sick during my pregnancy, I couldn’t do anything. :-(. Thanks for all your hard work in creating the group. I think its a wonderful idea! Talk to you later. xoxo

    1. Almost there is right!!!!!

      Oh don’t mention it! I’m so glad it’s something that other girls are enjoying! Yay! Stay tuned for a giveaway in July and a meet up in August.


  4. You are excuse! you’ve been a very busy bee. I can thank you enough for the group 🙂
    BTW I went thrifting woohee! Im on day #3 wearing thifting out fits LOL I feel like a pro

      1. LOL I know! so I heard somebody said something abt thrifting… wearing stranger’s old clothes you might be bringing their bad “carma” blah blah
        on my last trip I got a leather skirt PIMEMTO HOT! and I got to thinking who’s bad mama jama who rock this crazy hot skirt LOL
        I was laughing by myself like a crazy person, anyway I still got the skirt and anoint it in the name of Jesus! LOL

        1. HAHAHAHA! That’s funny! Taking it to the cleaners or throwing it in the wash is good enough for me! LOL Silly me, I always secretly hope that I’ll find cash in the pockets of the stuff I buy! LOL

  5. You are tooo cute!!! Love your outfit and that head scarf mama 🙂 I am so grateful that you allowed me to be apart of the BLM group!! Meeting new people and learning new things each day 🙂


    1. LOL! Thanks Nik! It’ll be interesting because I really didn’t take many pictures with Julia and Jaxon.

      Yep, the August event (that you and I talked about) will be fun. Still thinking about some things. I’ll email you.

      Do I have your email address? Lord…

  6. Hey mama, please do share who your sunnies are by. If they are from the dollar store, you may have to ship me one 😉

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