A WILD Night

The hubs and I got a chance to go to my…okay OUR… good friend Jamilla’s birthday gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings the other night and I was so so glad we made it.

I’m actually very proud of my attorney friend Jamilla and her sister Cherrelle who is an elementary school teacher.  You’d think that I’ve known them all my life, because they’ve had that much of an impact on me but I’ve only known the Harris family for the past 6 years.  I want you to see just one very small reason why I’m so proud of these two girls.


Need I say more?  TOOT TOOT TOOT!  I’m tooting the horn for them.  There’s so much more I can say but it would all come back to the very same thing.  These are two amazing God-fearing women, whom I admire and respect.  I wish everyone had encouraging friends/role models like these in their lives.

I love you girls and Happy Birthday, Jamilla!

jacket: Gap | earrings: thrifted | purse: c/o MimiBoutique.com | shoes: alloy.com


16 thoughts on “A WILD Night

  1. Wow, they are so inspiring. I am at the beginning of my weight loss journey and I am so encouraged. The one thing I remember them saying was to establish your routine. I wish them well.

  2. That is so AWESOME…hard work and determination it surely can pay off…two thumbs up to the sisters….and as always you look so pretty… 😉

  3. Whoaaaaa!!!! Talk about “blow your hair back” moment!! I am in tears after watching these two inspirational sisters, AND after meeting Jamilla last weekend, I had no idea the amazing journey she had been on!! I am so blessed and inspired by their story! My mouth is still hanging open!! Bless you for sending this link, I would’ve never known!!

  4. Omigosh that is amazing! I’m so happy for the both of them.. I started my weightloss journey in march of this year.. weight was 257lbs 5’9″ 27 currentlymy weight is 216 I have not yet made it to my goal, but that has been do to slacking off!! But I’m back on track! They are both inspirational! Thanks love this blog so much!


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