BLM::: Bloggers Like Me

I’ve been blogging now for a good little while and for one reason or another I haven’t been able to find an interactive place for bloggers of color to just share anything and everything they want.  The sites I’ve come across are very “networky” and I wasn’t really looking for that kind of commitment, if you know what I mean.  I was looking more for friendship and community with no strings.

I decided last week that I would just start a Facebook group and invite people who I thought might be interested in some good old fashioned friendship building.  I invited bloggers, non-bloggers who know bloggers, gonna be bloggers,  too busy to blog bloggers, one-post wonder bloggers, you name it.  LOL I also invited girls who are fashion and beauty lovers and fashion business owners that I know.

If you blog, want to blog, used to blog, consider this your invitation to join us, especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area.  If you’re a fashion/beauty business owner or just a lover of fashion looking for a few good blogs to read, consider this your invitation as well.

I will say that I am fiercely protective of the positive community and idea sharing that’s already happening in this group and will remove any negative comments and bad apples from the bunch.

I’m looking forward to the growth of this group so feel free to join us by clicking here, on the picture above or on the badge in my sidebar and invite others who would be interested in learning more and being a part!

Thanks girls!


18 thoughts on “BLM::: Bloggers Like Me

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  2. Hi Leslie!
    Wonderful idea- Great concept. I’m not a blogger myself, but enjoy the fashion world/ meeting new peeps 🙂 I’ve requested to join.

  3. This is GREAT! All these wonderful bloggers who have been up and doing well. I have not built the courage to start blogging yet do hope to sooner than soon but I definitely appreciate the add!

  4. as you know I’m loving it! I do plan on posting about it and already have the badge up but had so much announcing going on with my blog this month (e-book & challenge ending) that I decided to wait til next month. its an awesome group that I am proud to be a part of!

  5. Love Love Love this idea. I am not a blogger..I tried but wasn’t too computer savvy. I am however a small business owner making jewelry. I will definitely be joining in. This sounds exciting!!!

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