How to Wear: Pink and Red

A reader was looking for some fun ways to wear red and pink.  This unexpected color combo is such a hit right now.  I hope you like these ideas I grabbed from Pinterest!  Keep up with me at Pinterest for more fun stuff and stuff!


12 thoughts on “How to Wear: Pink and Red

  1. What colours of shoes would go well with an orange dress for a formal event. I want to try colour blocking bt at the same time don’t want to look like an high school girl. Plz I really need ur help. Tanks

  2. Tanks 4 d perfect colour suggestions
    Nid ur help again. Am attendin a form event and am gonna wear an orange dress wat colours of shoes wud u advice I wear 2 look chic n sexy for such formal event. Tank you

  3. Love them all! I would never thing to do the whole color block thing and pair such a vibrant color like fushia with say orange or red. The light pink blazer with the maroon pants is gorgey! The belt and arm candy brings it all together. Heading over to Pinterest to grab that. Thanks for the style tips!

  4. I love pink and red, I accidentaly stumble on it last year. One of those lazy outfit you put together and ended being a hit. I found some red pants similar to the first one in the pic at a thrift store, they are a bit too big for me but I was scared to mess them up, I just started working on my sewing skills. that’s it Im gonna take my chances with the sewing machine coz outfit #2 is calling my name!

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