Fitness Check: Six Week Challenge with JawZ Fitness

Okay girls, well you already know I don’t have my summer body yet and I have a very good excuse as to why not, but I’m SO determined to get my pre-pregnancy body back.

Rather recently, Jeff, a friend at Church let me in on the fact that his one-on-one personal training venture was growing really fast.  I was curious so I asked questions.  Jeff, a collegiate athlete, decided to expand and offer his services to groups of individuals looking to get into shape.  So I asked him to give me the real deal and tell me what would someone expect to get out of joining HIS fitness program.  Since we were at Church, he agreed to email me.  He had this to share:

A couple days ago I sent you an email telling you all about my six week body transformation challenge that starts on June 11, well… I have some big news…

The big news is that this six week program is close to being sold out because a bunch of people took advantage of the early notification list and got on board yesterday.

BUT there are still spaces left to get on board with this six week body transformation challenge and lose 4-6 inches off the waist, 12-24 pounds, and possibly win a Kindle Fire!  Yep, I’m giving the person with the best results a brand new Kindle Fire!

A program like this would typically cost  $400-$600 because it includes…

  • six weeks of awesome fat burning and body toning workouts
  • Pre and Post program fitness evaluation
  • customized nutrition plan to follow
  • Unlimited motivation and accountability checks
  • AND my “after burn” system so you can burn more fat!

But participants aren’t going to pay anywhere near $500-$600 for this six week challenge.   Instead, they’ll only make a single payment of $180 or two payments of $97 (30 days apart).  That’s a savings of over $300!

To reserve a spot in my Six Week Body Transformation Challenge:

Just call me at 323-218-1052  or email

That’s it, it’s that easy. And then on Monday June 11, 2012 your six week challenge workout program will begin!

I wanted to share this information with you girls because our health is so vital.  I’m learning more and more about this with my recent diagnosis.  So, it’s 6 weeks.  Just 6 weeks!  Are you up for the challenge?


4 thoughts on “Fitness Check: Six Week Challenge with JawZ Fitness

  1. I am in the NYC area…does this include us? PS. I never received that beautiful necklace we discussed one day thru emails, after that coupon adjusment, they sold out! But I did go back to purchase two cuffs.

    1. Awww man!!! I hate when that happens. Are you talking about the long necklace with the green tassle or was it another one you were trying to order. They actually sold out of a couple things that day! Pretty crazy!

  2. OMGGGGG!!!!! oh how I wish, I wish I was in your area! I def need this. This is an AWESOME offer/opportunity for anyone. GOod luck to those that particpate.

  3. Looks good! Too bad that I am not in your area. I am starting with the trainer I used last year on Monday. THis is definitely going to be a challenge but I am up for it!

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