Don’t you hate it when you’re getting all gussied up for this or that only to look in the mirror and realize something’s missing?  The perfect earring!  I do it all the time.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Then I get over myself.  LOL

If we’re being honest though, I think we’ve all had those moments, but I’m excited to say the creators of ROCK FABULOUS FINDS are here to save the day.  No exaggeration.  Simply take a picture of your outfit and  RFF will have a matching earring for you in no time.  They’re THAT good!  Check out some of their creations.

What’s even better is they even have fun ways to win free earrings and discounts on these already inexpensive earrings.  Listen to this…

“Rock Fab Finds Fridays” – Every Friday they’ll share the perfect pair of earrings to help get your weekend started; whether you’re heading to a nice lounge, date night, or fun times with the girls, they’ll make sure you step out looking nothing less than FABULOUS!  But wait, it gets better!  Post a picture of yourself ROCKing a pair on “Rock Fab Finds Friday”, and you’ll be entered to win a free pair of earrings or 10% off your next purchase!  Fabulous, right?!

Ultimately, seeing is believing so here’s how to purchase your very own pair of Rock Fabulous Finds earrings. “Like” the Rock Fabulous Finds Facebook page and select any of the hundreds of options there.  Or if you know what you need, you can email them directly at and let them know exactly what you’re looking for.  If you live in LA, they also have a beautiful display of earrings at Thick Chic Boutique located at 2621 W. Manchester Ave. Inglewood, Ca.What more can you ask for, right?  Check them out!  

….And, of course, there’s a giveaway.  You can win your very own custom pair of earrings and here’s how:

1. “Like” the Rock Fabulous Finds page on Facebook.

2.  Once at her page, leave a comment on the “Fashion Du Jour:  Rock Fabulous Finds Giveaway” post letting her know which earrings you like best.

That’s it!  The giveaway will end on Sunday night an the winner will be announced here and on Facebook on Tuesday, so get moving!



  1. You look so gorgeous! Love the earrings you are wearing! Nice earrings I will check it out for the giveaway!

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