My Mother’s Day

This is what I wore on Mother’s Day eve, Saturday.  It was comfy so ultimately, mission accomplished.  I really love this top.  It’s perfect for being big and pregnant.  It’s long enough to cover where it needs to and it’s sheer so it’s lightweight and easy.  Of course, the gorgeous white starry print doesn’t hurt either.

We celebrated this Mother’s Day by making a pancake breakfast for my mom.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw the pancakes that I was so proud of.  LOL  They were so smooth like a McDonalds cheeseburger bun.  Along with the pancakes we had grits, eggs with cheese, fruit, bacon and sausage.  I ended up having a rice cake with peanut butter, an avocado and a couple of pieces of fruit, oh and my Crystal Lite.  Surprisingly, it was good and enough to fill me up.

After breakfast, we headed outside for a good ol’ game of paddle ball.  There was some pretty stiff competition.  Needless to say, I watched from the sidelines.  I also grabbed some sidewalk chalk and helped the kids express their artistic sides.  Paddle ball and chalk art, kept us busy for several hours.  When the adults tired out, we headed inside to play cards.  The kids stayed outside and played table hockey.

in the day, we ordered pizzas and watched the Lakers win.  It was a pretty low key awesome day!  I really hope you had an opportunity to spend the weekend the way you hoped.

necklace: c/o Demabiz | top: Mossimo | cardigan: ancient | sandals: Bamboo


4 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

  1. I’m happy you enjoyed yourself! I heart your daily message… We don’t have to be prisoners, I strongly agree!

  2. My daughter called me Mother’s Day from Texas and we had a nice talk. that was about the best gift I could get.

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