It’s not so bad afterall

As I recently mentioned, I’ve been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  Since then I’ve begun a new diet and exercise plan that consists of no sugar and very little carbs as well as exercising at least 30 minutes every day.  I’m glad to report that this new plan isn’t as dreadful as I was expecting.  I fully expected my body to involuntarily revolt and completely and totally reject the healthy stuff I was going to begin eating.  Of course I’m being dramatic.  {Dramatic.  YES.  Overdramatic. Never.}   Here’s what my daily menu consists of:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelets {with yellow, red and bell peppers, salsa, a strip of bacon and a sprinkle of cheese}, 5 grapes, 3 strawberries, water

Mid-morning snack: avocado and 1/2 cup cottage cheese, rice patty

Lunch: can of tuna, carrots and celery, small potato {golf ball size)

Mid-afternoon snack: string cheese, apple

Dinner: small portion of whatever we have for dinner

Bedtime snack: 1/2 cup almonds, handful of grapes  

In between all of this I’m testing my glucose with my kit before breakfast, and then an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Guess what, it doesn’t hurt as bad as you’d think and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.  On a pain scale I’d say it’s a 2 or low 3.  Minimal.  I think I’ll conquer this afterall!  

Thanks you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

top: Destination Other – thrifted | necklace: c/o Demabiz | bag: c/o | jeans: F21 -thrifted | sandals: Steve Madden


5 thoughts on “It’s not so bad afterall

  1. Cute outfit and happy to see you taking your new diet with smiles! It just might cure it. It’s been done. I’m going to do the same, no sugar and very little carbs. Plus it will help me and my hips. :0)

  2. I would watch out for the canned tuna. Its high in iodine. Good luck with everything. You look gorgeous.

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