Kind of a Dream Come True – DEMABIZ

You know that gorgeous coral necklace with the gold hardware that’s been on wardrobe repeat these days?Yes, that one!  I’m not kidding when I say, it’s kind of a dream come true.  I love that thing.  I’d pretty much wear it every day if my husband wouldn’t begin to look at me strange.  Well, I have to share with you where it’s from and how to get your own.

Long story short, my cute friend from church, Kopper, heard about my blog and emailed me to say she had a friend, Michelle, that sells jewelry and I should check her out. I did and I was smitten. I was not only won over by the prices, of course that’s the first thing I noticed, but I was amazed by how unique and absolutely gorgeous the jewelry was.  I literally sat and looked at each and every item, zoomed in, zoomed out.  I was pretty much sold, but the true test would be how the pieces stand up to a fidgety mommy of 2+.

Let’s learn more about Michelle and Zya, owners of Demabiz.

“Spoons” $10.90
Tell me a little about yourselves…

We are Ezenwanyi and Michelle Abii, cousins who have a love for fashion, colors and fun accessories. We are of Nigerian descent, late 20s and grew up in Houston Texas. Ezenwanyi (Zya) is a legal, MBA with a not so exciting day job but this is her outlet. 🙂 (In addition to her purse design business Michelle a case worker to mentally handicapped clients, is starting grad school to be an interior designer and loves fashion, colors, decorating, events and anything fun.

“Slither” $14.80

How long have you been in business?  I must know where the name comes from.

We have been in business playing around with other things, jewelry, clothes, interior accents etc for a couple of years now but Demabiz was born late 2011 as a part of the Zya Felix company for us to use our creative brains a bit more.

Demabiz is a play on an inside family joke.  All of our cousins call us “them Abiis”, or dem Abiis.  Also, our names Ezenwanyi (which means Queen in the Igbo language, Nigeria) and Michelle – Abii in business. We thought it was fun.
“Creamsicle” $11.99

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who are your style icons?

Our inspiration, may be wee bit difficult to express as we both have different tastes which seem to coincide in some ways. Ezenwanyi loves DVF, classic, colors, structure and sometimes is extremely arty and quirky. Michelle loves modern and contemporary designs, neutral templates with pops of colors, fun and flirty pieces. Our inspiration for the jewelry we buy and design are bold, colorful, interesting, fun and send the consistent message that style does not have to stick to trends. Do things differently.

What are your favorite colors, patterns, prints to work with and why?

Its difficult to pick favorites, especially because sometimes we have very different tastes. We’re lovers of what catches the eye!

“Global Cooling” $19.90

What are some of your fashion goals with demabiz?

Our goal with Demabiz is to reach more people, have new designs frequently and become a source for interesting and unique items that are affordable for the young working woman.

“Candy” $14.50

Michelle and Zya have definitely found their niche in affordable and unique jewelry.   I haven’t seen a piece I didn’t like.  Well, as if these prices weren’t reasonable enough, these girls are happy to offer an additional 15% off all purchases between now and Wednesday, 16th.  You’d be crazy not to take a peek, especially for Mother’s Day.


Check out the newly discounted items and enjoy 

 Free shipping on orders over $50 between now and 5/15.

code: freeshipping


6 thoughts on “Kind of a Dream Come True – DEMABIZ

  1. Hello, I really love their necklaces and I tried to buy some but the code did not work. Do you know anything about that?


    1. Hey Kemi! Yep, they were bummed becuase the site was a little glitchy (probably due to the traffic) so what they did was slashed prices and added a ton of new stuff! No need to worry about a code! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Leslie. I was excited to see how reasonable some of these peices are. I am in the process of reorganizing my personal collection as my son as found my previous pieces to be apart of his toy collection, LOL

  3. Bless you, bless you, bless you, for sharing this amazing jewelry with us!! I wish Kya many blessings, and much success!!

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