the month of crazy

The month of May is what I like to call “the month of crazy”.  There’s 374,659 birthdays, my anniversary, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day…all of which are generally fun things to attend and celebrate, but I think it’s the planning of it all that makes my head spin.  I’m planning a Princess Pedi Party for the queen of the house, Julia.  The FIL and BIL also have birthdays this month.  We’re having a little get-together the first weekend of June for Jayde, which puts the planning of it in May.  Mother’s Day is usually a big deal, so we’ll be making arrangements around that.  Not to mention our anniversary is at the end of the month, I have no idea who’s going to plan it.  I also have a deadline to meet with another fashion project toward the middle of this month.  I need to go sit down somewhere.  The good thing is that I love having a lot of things going at once, which I think is typical of moms anyways.  Although I love it because the majority of it allows the family to be together, May still makes me a little crazy.  Who’s gonna pay for all this?  LOL

blazer: Breckinridge | shoes: Stride Rite | bag: LV | sunnies: c/o mimiboutique | watch: Michael Kors | necklace: thrifted


6 thoughts on “the month of crazy

  1. Leslie, you have been looking wonderful grl! Are the prettiest preggo woman I’ve seen in a LONG time. Sorry i havent gotten around to leaving a comment– so busy with nursing school, but I still keep up on your posts! lol! Anywho, I know you’re GOING TO BEAT your GB, if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it! I will continue to pray and lift you in prayer as you embark on your journey!


  2. And only YOU, my dear, can pull off a make-my-head-swim schedule that!! Love the quote, LUUUVVV that baby bump!!

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