Sam Does Shoes!

A day with Sam
Sam and the team
Check out those socks
My favorites
Sparkling apple IZZE's never disappoint.

It was super fun to get a few hours of girl time with my friend, Sherree.  We spent it at The Grove and stopped by the Sam Edelman Spring 12 Collection Preview.  It was a bit more crowded than I could take, but I guess that comes with the territory.  The shoes were great, even though I’m still not a fan of flats. However, if I were, these would be the flats of choice. I was happy to see some heeled shoes so much so that I had to take a pic.  It was very well done and the cabana boys with the Izze drinks were a great touch.  We ended the day with a light lunch at Marmalade Cafe.  Delish!


10 thoughts on “Sam Does Shoes!

  1. I like flats or shoes with a little heel. Next time take a picture of them. We used to call them cuban heels ar least my Mother did.

  2. So glad you got out and enjoyed yourself! My husband is constantly telling me to STOP wearing flats and work those heels! I have tons but it is so much easier to throw some cute flats on and go!

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