Eat That Frog

Before I go any further, no, this is not some get thin quick scheme. It’s a book by Brian Tracy, that offers tips for you to reach your highest potential without going crazy. I read it in a week and I have to say it’s a treasure chest of really practical and common-sensical ideas that I feel like we’ve all probably heard before, but never put much effort into applying. Stuff as simple as write your goals on paper so that you see it in some place other than inside your head. It’s only about 125 pages and is a really quick read. If you’re already hitting that mid-year lull, get your tush in gear by picking up this book.  

P.S.  I’m still on the hunt for L.A. boutiques are your faves.

sunnies: thrifted | cardigan: thrifted | jeans: unknown | necklace: Sears | top: Express | boots: Mossimo | earrings:


2 thoughts on “Eat That Frog

  1. That book looks interesting, I will look for it in the internet. So you look beautiful! Love the cardigan, I’m a fan of its! xoxo

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