Pom Pom Girl

I’ve recently fallen in love with pom pom beanies.  Especially when I’m having a Kardashian good hair day and my hair frames my face the way I like it to.  If you didn’t know, the Kardashians are friends in my head.  They just need a lot of prayer.  Come to think of it we all do.

Oh and I guess I ought to make it kind of official.  You can now find me on Instagram.  Just hop onto your Instagram app, type @fashiondujour into the search field and you’ll find me.  That’s where I like to post some of my more random, spontaneous pics.  Don’t judge me!  LOL  Hope to see you there!


One thought on “Pom Pom Girl

  1. The pom pom beanie looks so cute on you, and your hair is amazing! So you are lucky girl! I’m looking for a denim shirt, because its looks so modern and cool. you look fantastic!
    i will search for you in Instagram, I have a profile on it too. See you there!


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