Time to Let Go!

Do you ever feel like you’re holding onto something or someone that doesn’t want to be held?  Kinda like a wet cat!  If you’re unsure, here are a few signs that it’s time to let go…

1.  Someone expects you to be someone you’re not.  It’s wiser to lose someone over being who you are, than to keep them by being someone you’re not.  You know why?  Because it’s easier to mend a broken heart, than it is to piece together a shattered identity.  It’s easier to fill an empty space in your life where someone else used to be, than it is to fill the empty space inside yourself where YOU used to be.

2.  You truly dislike your current situation. – It’s better to be a failure at something you love than to succeed at doing something you hate.  Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours. 

3.  You are frequently forced to sacrifice your happiness. – If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative before you know it.  Know when to close the account.  It’s always better to be alone with dignity than in a relationship that constantly requires you to sacrifice your happiness and self-respect.

4.  Your Relationships are Surface Level. – Being beautiful is more than how many people you can get to look at you, or how others perceive you at a single glance.  It’s about what you live for.  It’s about what defines you.  It’s about the depth of your heart, and what makes you unique.  It’s about being who you are and living out your life honestly.  It’s about those little quirks that make you, you.  People who are only attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t stay by your side forever.  But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.

“You is kind.  You is Smart.  And you is important!”  – Aibiline, The Help

I’m hoping this will help you love yourself today a little more than you did yesteryday!

Hat: gifted

Coat: {similar} or {similar}

Shirt: Alloy.com

Pants: thrifted

Belt: Hubby’s

Boots: Charles David

Earrings & Bag: c/o MimiBoutique.com 


20 thoughts on “Time to Let Go!

  1. I love this look on you!!! And, I love the message – “You is kind. You is Smart. And you is important!” – Aibiline, The Help

    1. Thanks Nic Nac! I was kind of on the fence with this look. LOL That was my favorite line in the movie. I now say it to my kids after prayer every morning. Except I say “are”. LOL

  2. Hi,

    I am a long time reader of your blog and this is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say thank you for this post today as it is exactly what I needed to hear! It’s as if you wrote it for me. It’s funny how God works like that! Thank you for letting him use you. I live in the South Bay area and I recognize some of your shoots (lol!!), so maybe one day I will run into you and be able to thank you in person while I am enjoying living alone with dignity!! That is until God sends me the person that HE has for me. Thank you again for this post and God bless you!

    1. Oh Tracy! Thank you for commenting! I also hope that what I share touches someone, whether they comment or not. Thank you for taking the time. So you live in the South Bay, cool! Can you tell where I was in these pics? The Hubs and I went out to dinner by the water. 🙂

      1. Yes, I live on the border of Lomita and Torrance near the Torrance Crossroads shopping center. It looks like you were at the Redondo Beach Pier in this posts and I think I recognized “my” Kohl’s shopping center in a previous posts. Lol!!! Not that I’m stalking or anything. Lol!! Again, I really appreciate you always speaking from your heart and letting God use you. I do not have an actual blog myself but I get so much wisdom and inspiration from various blogs that I read and yours is one that I check daily. 🙂 Again, thank you!

        1. Ding! Ding! Ding! Redondo Beach Pier it is! LOL I know exactly where that Torrance Crossroads is. I frequent the Yogurtland there, often. LOL Your words really mean a lot! Thank you!

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