Make Money Blogging

I had a super-exciting meeting today with a Los Angeles newspaper owner and actually have some pretty cool  news to share.  I don’t know how I’m going to pull-off keeping this a secret, but I think I might just have to…that is until the time is right.  Anyways, I walked away from the meeting with a mind brimming with ideas and knew I needed to hop on the web.

As I was browsing, I stumbled across a website called Two Point Oh!.  It’s a website dedicated to the fashion blogging community here in LA.  I flipped through the pages and was stopped in my tracks when I landed on the article, It’s The Bizness:  Valuing Your Work as a Blogger.   I began reading it, not necessarily because I have a huge interest in making cash off of my blog, but because I was curious.  I was halfway expecting to be sent on a wild goose chase or directed to some site asking for outrageous membership fees.  Again, I wasn’t looking to make money off my blog, so I certainly wasn’t interested in spending money, but I read on.

If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in making your blog a source of cash income, keep reading.  I highly recommend giving this article a look-see.  Here are just a couple of smart tips from this article to noodle on:

Sponsored Posts and Advertorials – If you’re creating any kind of post that has requirements from the brand you’re working with, then that’s sponsored content.  Consider setting a cost per 1000 views rate.  The article suggests that a good CPM is on average around $10. So if you’re getting 10,000 pageviews a month, a good base rate cost for you would be $100.

Guest Posts – If you’re contacted to write a post for a brand, this is called Guest Posting.  Look at the content you’re being asked to post about and decide if an hourly or per word rate is best.  The author of this particular article charges $0.30/word or $25 per hour.

I love the sound advice this article offers.  Even if you’re like me and your main objective isn’t making your blog into a money tree, this article is certainly worth the read.  Afterall, just because you may not be looking for money, doesn’t mean money’s not looking for you.

Oh, and this post was not in anyway sponsored by Two Point Oh!  I honestly just came across their website and this article and knew this was something you girls might want to know about.  Pinky swear!





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