I was tweeting my good friend Tiffany from Pose N’ Play Photography and Lace N’ Leopard blog and it came to us that we hadn’t really hung out or spent some time together in a good while.  We’re abusers of the “we really need to get together” FB message.  Well, this time we didn’t let another excuse get in the way of our time together.  We met at Three Spice Thai Kitchen and even though it was just over a one-hour lunch break, I had a really good time connecting with her again.  It’s funny and actually kind of sad how technology has overtaken our lives, especially being bloggers.  We spend so much time behind a computer “communicating” with people rather than in their presence actually meaningfully “connecting” with them.  I have to do better.  P.S. Happy Saint Patty’s Day

jacket: {similar} | shirt: | jeans: {similar} | shoes: StrideRite | purse: thrifted | necklace: thrifted


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