It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to engage in a good brainstorming session about things that are dear to me with people I care about, but recently I was able to spend almost 3 full days with a group of amazing women doing just that.   I left this time feeling so grateful having been given this opportunity.  It was also reinforcement for me when I think about the reasons that I blog.  

My point in all of this is that I think we {especially married women} tend to underestimate the value that lies in relationships that women have with other women,at least I have.  I don’t have sisters and my mom had this extreme work ethic.  In her mind, girlfriends were not a necessity, they were more of a “nice -to-have” but certainly not a must have.  So, I never saw friendships between women modeled by the one woman in my life, my mom, and therefore I never really understood the importance.  I truly think these are must haves which is why, this blog has been such a gift.

I’m getting off my soap box now, but I would encourage those of you who have set aside investing in these relationships to go back and give your girlfriend a call, leave her  a FB message, reach out to her.  I’m quite sure that not only will you benefit from this, but she will too.

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11 thoughts on “Girlfriends

  1. i love my girlfriends eventhough they both live in different states, but we keep in touch by phone, text and email thank god for all our high tech technology, but thank god for my twin sister whom i love and adore sooooo…….much.

  2. You have reason L., girlfriends are so important in our lives. They encourage, support, laugh, cry, listen and share with you a lot of moments and situations. Thanks God I had a a lot of good friends, since kindergarden and high school, some form my jobs. So I can say Im a good friend too, lol. Thanks for suggest give a call and say hi to those lovely friends! Huge hug! Blessings L.!

  3. Oh Les, this post EXPLAINS so much. Especially thinking back to college days and after. Lol, I now see you could’ve taken or left us (and why!) but we weren’t letting you go! Yes, as we move further and further into or adult lives it is a lot harder to keep in touch, especially with all the other relationships we have going on (work, family, social networking(lol) and other groups). I really see how much harder it is, since I have moved away and don’t see people as much as before and can’t just drive over to hang out with someone like I used to. I do try to make my rounds via phone though. It’s hard.

  4. This is right on time! As a newlywed, I am definitely finding it hard to balance all of my relationships. I have also been meeting tons of new people that I want to develop relationships with. What to do, what to do? FB messages, emailing, texting and some scheduled Girlfriends time are all ways to keep those important relationships fresh.

    1. Yep and these days we honestly don’t have any excuse not to say “hello” with all the technology at our fingertips. I’m so guilty of thinking of someone, telling myself to email/FB her and then completely forgetting. It’s the worst.

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