A Lost Courtesy

Remember the good old days when complete strangers passing each other on the street would say, “hello”?  Remember when you would wave at the next door neighbor when you happened to catch each other outside?  Remember when drivers would actually slow down and let you merge in front of them when you signaled to change lanes?  Well, for some unknown reason, the last of these three long lost courtesies is the one that stands out to me the most.  

Now, I don’t have a long commute to work by any stretch of the imagination, but the other day I was working offsite which involved a 40 minute hour rush commute, part   way on the freeway.  It was completely fine and it was kind of a good reminder of how blessed I am to live so close to my job.  Anyways, I’d like to consider myself a pretty courteous driver.  I mean I always let drivers merge in front of me, I don’t speed through yellow lights {all the time} and I’m usually pretty good about not tailgating.  Well, while I was on the freeway, I noticed a Honda Element a few cars up that had been trying to merge into my lane for at least 2 miles.  He was clearly trying to merge because he had is blinker on and he was doing the whole semi-merge lane swerve bit.  No one would let him over.  In fact, the drivers would sped up to make sure the Element couldn’t get over.  By the time I was in close enough distance, I pressed my brakes and waved the Element over.  He merged over he turned his blinker off and continued to drive with not as much as a rear view mirror wave to thank me for having a heart and letting him over.  

A part of me couldn’t help but be surprised that Mr. Element didn’t even offer as much as a universal hand wave gesture.  Now, honestly, it was totally NOT a big deal…at all.  It was just interesting because it reminded me of the days before I could drive.  I remember riding in the passenger seat while one of my parents drove me here or there and making a mental note that when I began to drive one of the must-remembers was that I gave the universal hand gesture for thank you whenever someone let me merge in front of them.  It was such a common thing to see.  My parents would do it all the time.  Now, it’s almost like a lost art form or something.  It begs the question, what other lost courtesies have we let fall by the wayside?

sunnies: thrifted | scarf: F21 | tee: {similar} | cropped jeans: {similar} | boots: Steve Madden in cognac | belt: Levi’s {hubby’s}


9 thoughts on “A Lost Courtesy

  1. OMG!!! WOW!!! That was so rude of him…smh…kindness on the road goes a long way especially when you commute as far as i do. i too remember my parents giving the hand wave, and i’m thankful i picked up that act of kindness from them despite the other crazies on the road.

  2. WOW!!!! how rude was that…smh…well i have an hour and thirty minute commute to work and the people on the freeways man where do i begin. they drive fast, taligate, don’t let you over, drive slow or give the hand wave. for heaven sakes a hand wave would be nice sometimes….kindness goes a long way on the road especially when you have a distance drive or not. but i haven’t lost the kindness of giving the wave because i too remember my parents doing the samething.

  3. I notice the same thing – it is indeed rare these days! Even on those narrow streets where one has to “give way” to another oncoming car. If I am nice enough to let them pass I don’t even so much get a nod of the head! But I figure if we keep being nice, sometime it has to rub off on someone! :)Thanks for sharing…

  4. I love this outfit! Stripes are my fave!
    I am now trying to figure out how to wear polka dots and stripes together.
    Any post coming on that?

  5. I waved at someone yesterday so it is not completely lost. However, I have noticed that drivers are so distracted with their daggone phones that it makes me VERY impatient. Hey baby!

    1. OMIGOSH! Totally. Anytime I’m behind a driver that’s swerving or driving at a molasses pace almost every time it’s because he’s on the phone. Times like those, I appreciate that law against cell phones we have here in CA.

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