I wore this out the other night when the hubs and I celebrated his cousin Tamara’s birthday.  It was a bowling birthday at Lucky Strike.  No, I didn’t bowl, but I did cheer the hubs on.  I don’t remember the final score, I just remember being completely exhausted.  I think we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat on the way home, don’t ask me where.  

How did you spend the weekend?

blazer: thrifted | top: Covington JC Penny | jeans: {similar) | shoes: Coach | purse: thrifted | watch: Michael Kors | necklace: c/o


13 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. Great outfit! I love love love wedges and those shoes are cuuuttteee. A busy work week and driving the kids around, we were low key. Since hubby love Italian food, I made lasagna(first time Yikes), but it turned out really good for his Valentine’s Day gift.

    1. Thanks Maya! I’m so glad you figured out the issue with the comment. I made lasagna for the first time a few weeks ago too. Mine was just okay. I bet the next time it’ll be much better! Good for you!

  2. This is a very cute look, I like that you are using your existing wardrobe and not doing the full-blown maternal gear. Megan from Frutal Fashionista just had a baby late last year and she worked alot of her regular pieces as well around her baby bump. You guys know how to make it work!

  3. Last weekend was my bro’s 30. So I stepped up to the plate to make sure he had a great weekend without Mom. Soooo a group of us went to a play, dinner and his brand new house he just closed on a few days before!!!

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