Valentine’s Day is Near

Yep, once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us.  I’m taking the day off to spend some much needed time with the Hubs.  Although we see each other every single day, it seems like a lot of the time it’s business.  We’re checking on each other to make sure dinner is planned, we’re seeing how the kids did when they were dropped off at school, we’re coordianting various doctors appointments, birthdays, showers, weddings, meetings.  All while juggling the dialies…folding laundry, washing dishes, bathing kids.  The reality is, married couples, especially parents, need to make time for each other too.  I really believe that one of the best things parents can do for their children is to demonstrate a loving and genuine relationship.  It’s so important to me that our children see us apologize to each other when we’re wrong and that they not only hear us say we love each other but see us love each other.  I’ll save my thoughts on sharing household responsibilities for another time.  LOL

This Valentine’s Day is going to be spent indulging in laziness, watching movies till my eyes hurt and eating.  Eating is everything when you’re pregnant.  Our plan is to drop the kiddos off at school, head to breakfast, which might bring us to Hollywood for some of the biggest pancakes in town at The Griddle Cafe.  I’ll have to figure out a way to save room for movie theatre popcorn because that’s where we’ll be headed next.  Still not sure what we’re going to see, but all I know is we have movie passes that we got for Christmas that have been burnign a hole in our pockets.  I’m thinking it’ll either be The Grey, Red Tails, Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close, or Man on a Ledge.  It’ll ultimately depend on which ever one is starting when we get there.  We’ll sit, I’ll eat popcorn and Jon will take a nap, it’ll be glorious.  That’s about as far as we’ve gotten in our planning.  We know there’ll be an simple early dinner (somewhere that won’t be too crowded and where I can be super casual) in there sometime before we pick up the kids, maybe PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory or California Pizza Kitchen,  but I guess we can let the rest of the day plan itself. 

Now all that’s left to come up with is what I’m going to wear over this bumptastic body of mine.  Times like this, I would love to have a stylist.  I know the saying goes, “when in doubt, wear black” but I can’t fit into any of my black!  LOL  This oughta be interesting.  Wish me luck, Ladies

sunnies: MimiBoutique | cardigan: Covington | jeans: {similar} | shoes: Mizrahi for Target | purse: thrifted


17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is Near

  1. Hey lady, I have not been on your site in a while, sorry for being so neglectful. I had no idea you were pregnant, till I saw that baby bump! Congratulations!! Those colors are working for you, love the look! Please check your email when you get a chance, I send you a message!

  2. Its sooooo refreshing to see your beautiful face back in the rotation! You look amazeballs, and I can not wait to see how you incorporate your current clothes into maternity wear. ❤ Happy Vday hun!

    1. LOL @ amazeballs! That’s a new one! Thank you Shanna! You’re too sweet, really! Everything I wear is non-maternity. I selfishly don’t want to spend the money on maternity clothes. I’m just gonna fake it till I make it.

  3. I’m really diggin the color combo, very pretty. Since it’s the work week order some Chinese food and chill. Great you two are taking the day off-enjoy your VD

  4. Yay VDay 😉 It is my fiance’s birthday so it should be a blast. I teach night class 😦 so I have planned a great weekend. Hey baby.
    Girl the baby just came out of nowhere. You look so pretty.

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