Did I Tell You About My Trip?

sweater: AK | jeans: {similar} | necklace: c/o MimiBoutique.com | boots: Mossimo (folded down)

No?  Well, probably because it was of the full frontal face plant kind.  Yes, I bit the dust, ate it, kissed concrete…whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t pretty.  Did someone say tell me more? 

It all happened a few weeks ago while I was in San Diego for my job’s bi-annual convention.  I had to be “at my post” at 7 am.  Clever me, I set two wake up calls; one for 5 and another for 5:30 am.  I wish I could blame the hotel and say they never called, but they did, both times.  And I answered…both times.  Now mind you, I’m that type that hates being late and when I am, it’s usually due to something out of my control, but this time…nope, it was entirely my fault.  I just kept sleeping.  Finally, as the morning sun peaked through the hotel room curtains, I realized that I had totally overslept.  And when I realized it, I did the whole “late” bit. I did the double-take at the clock. For a split second I even tried to convince myself that it was Sunday.  Lucky I had showered the night before and my outfit was already laid out.  I “supermanned” into my clothes and dashed out the door.  Practically running, I came to a flight of about 7 steps that any normal human could probably leap in one jump.  I had almost made it to the top when the top step reached out and assaulted me, throwing me to the ground.  It was ugly!  There wasn’t a grain of graciousness in that fall.  The laptop, purse and cell phone I had in my hands were flung across the concrete in slow motion as I careened to the ground.  If that weren’t enough, of course I couldn’t just surrender to the inevitable, I had to try and grab for the nothingness around me to break my fall. Arms were flapping and the whole bit.  Nice, Leslie! Nice!  Good thing I have knees to break my fall.  There I lay, embarrassed, defeated, sweating, bruised…and still late!  All that kept running through my head as I collected myself and belongings from up off the ground was…really, REALLY! 

Thinking back on it now, it was probably pretty funny to see and I know someone had to see me.  I’m just thankful that I didn’t seriously hurt myself or the baby, although what’s left of my ego is still a bit bruised.


18 thoughts on “Did I Tell You About My Trip?

  1. If it’s any consolation, I remember when i was pregnant, I kept stumbling. My dr told me sometimes women may find that their balance can be slightly off and they may be a little clumsy. Especially in the later months.

  2. omg…i’m happy to hear that you and the baby are fine…please be careful and take your time it’s all going to be there when you get there..

    1. Thanks Tyna. I’m making sure to be extra careful these days. Pre-pregnancy, about a year ago, I went through this phase of falling down stairs. At home, at church, say the word “stairs” and I was sprawled on the ground. It was so weird.

  3. Oh my goodness!! What a gift, to be able to make me gasp AND laugh all at the same time!! What a storyteller you are, my dear!! And I am sooooo eternally grateful that you and baby are just fine!! No stairclimbing for your future, okay???

  4. Leslie, Leslie, Leslie……………… you have to take it easy, girl
    Remember………….God is always in control
    Big Hug 🙂

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