I’m so thankful to have a husband that puts up with my annoying requests to take pictures of him. LOL

 Well, a few weeks back I got an email from Daven at GOD CAN | Inspire the City who mentioned that I had been featured on their blog in their Things I’m Loving This Week segment.  Of course, I took a peek at the post, but also browsed their site and was instantly impressed with the look, the message, and the clothes.  After another exchange of emails, Daven and I, came up with a fun way to promote their collection.  A few weeks later I got a package of all kinds of cute tops, sweaters and bracelets.  It was more than I had expected.  I thought at best they might send a tee or two, so needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised.  As I began to open the individually packaged items and touch them and put them against my skin, it became clear that this company didn’t slap together some scrap pieces of fabric and stamp a brand on it.  The women’s tees were that super soft tissue tee fabric with the perfect amount of stretch.  They were even extra long, which I loved.  I knew they’d be perfect over the bumpalicious.  There was an XX hoodie for the hubs which I knew he’d love.  I couldn’t wait to show him what we got.  Fast forward to that night.  I laid out the items across the bed and said remember when I told you about that company… to which he responded, “huh?”  LOL  I can’t blame him for not remembering.  I mentioned it in passing and didn’t really go into detail.  Anyways, he immediately picked up the sweater and said, “Oh, this is cool!”  Which is Jonathan-ese for, “This is pretty cool, I like it alot!  He put it on and it fit just like he likes it.  He picked up the catalog that was enclosed and flipped the pages, commenting that the printing and design was very well done (as you know he owns a print company so these things make an impression on him).  Fast forward a few days, after finally convincing him to take some pictures with the hoodie on, we had our mini-shoot.  Voila!

More to come!

He’s wearing: GOD CAN Navy Hoodie  | I’m wearing: GOD CAN Scoop Neck Tee

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7 thoughts on “GOD CAN

  1. How fun!! I love it! Such a simple, short phrase of such TRUTH! I blogged the other day about my Auntie who is very ill in ICU right now. The perfect reminder that GOD CAN!!

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