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Now that we know we’re having a girl, we are thinking of first and middle names.  Of course there are some prerequisites.  The first name will start with a J and must be 5 letters.  The middle name will start with an L and must to be 4 letters.  Our other two little ones are Jaxon Luke and Julia Lila.  What do you think?


64 thoughts on “Have You Heard…

  1. Hi there! Let me just say I love your blog…I don’t really comment but I view your blog often. Happy, happy, joy, joy about your having a baby girl! I decided to get in on the name game and just list some names that begin with “J” and “L”, take care and continue to be a blessing.

    Jaala Jordyn Laci Lynn Lexi Lark
    Jadyn Jordis Leah Lyla Lana Lory/Lori
    Jaimi Juelz Lola Lani Lair

  2. CONGRATS! I’am so happy for you. Haha, I love Julia’s reaction to the news.
    J-Jade, Jolie
    L- L’ Nara ( actually it’s spelled Linara )
    BTW thank you for following me on pintrest…Mycustomcreation.

    1. Thank you! The jury’s still out. However, when I was getting Julia ready for school I asked her if she would help me to paint her little sisters toe nails and do her hair, she was SO excited! LOL

    1. Coming up with a 4 letter female L name is kind of hard. LOL This might sound bad but the name Laci reminds me of poor Laci Peterson and Lana reminds me of Tina Turner for some strange reason. LOL

      1. That is so true I didn’t think of that poor lady that lost her life…and Lana (Tina Turner) i love her okay…you have so many other great choices i know you will come up with a nice name for your beautiful bundle of joy…

  3. So… I was planning on putting some first & middle names together but I thought it would be better if you did that! Here is a short list… Mix and Match I’m sure you;ll find something that has a ring to it!



  4. Congratulations Love! another little fashionista on the way YAY!
    I am terrible at picking name LOL so Imma skip on the suggestions LOL your little girls will thank you later.
    Have a bless day 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I don’t have a good idea for you but I’m SOOOO excited to hear you’re expecting! Congrats!! How fun!! Charee is too!! I love it!! Please post some belly pics!! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your expanding family! Soon, you’ll have another little one to share your appreciation of fashion with. As for names – how about Jenna Lark or Jenna Lake?

  7. Congratulations!!! Hmmm…. “J” and 5 letters… Let me think… LOL! I fully recognize my problem is that JoLai followed by an “L” middle name may not work… The L+L is a mouthful… but let me give it some more thought… 🙂

  8. You missed “Lydia” by one letter! lol…Jamie or Jaila (Jay-Lah) for the first name & Lisa or Li`on (spanish pernonceation>>>Lee-yown) for the second!!! so excited for you! another girl… sweet!

    1. Does Li’on have a spanish meaning? That’s one I haven’t heard. I like it! Lydia is so pretty. I’ve been coming up with ways to spell the longer names that I like with fewer letters. LOL

      1. Lion I derived from the actual animal…just switched the pernonciation lol but in spanish, it supposedly means a “major part”… and yah! Lydia is like the only ‘L’ bible name for girls… =D

  9. You missed “Lydia” by one letter! lol…I suggest: Jamie or Jaila (Jay-Lah) for the first name & Lisa or Li`on (spanish pernonceation>>>Lee-yown) for the second!!! so excited for you! another girl… sweet! =)

  10. I love it! My 3 siblings and I are all K first name L middle name. Please surprise us with her name. I have a thing for keeping the baby’s sex a secret..shrugs..I’m probably one in a million, lol. Blessings (:

  11. Jordi, Jayla, Jacki
    Lena, Lari, Lani
    Ok that is all I have for now. CONGRATS. So funny because I was in the process of e-mailing you when my church secretary called to secure the date 😉 I completely forgot and then tou posted about my blog niece 😉 xoxo

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