The Workshop at Macy’s

I wanted to share something pretty fantastic going on at Macy’s. Surprisingly enough, no, I’m not talking about a sale. But, if you’re one of those girls who made a promise to herself to take a leap of faith and venture into entrepreneurship this year, keep reading.


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The Workshop is a comprehensive retail vendor development program designed to give select high potential multicultural women business owners the tools to better succeed in the retail industry.  As we all know, especially in this day in age, success (not to mention – sustained success) is hard to come by in the retail industry.

This once a year program is a 4 1/2 day training course for up to 20 women selected through an application process.  The workshop includes information in the areas of strategic planning, branding, merchandising and assortment planning, sales and marketing and access to capital. 

Here’s a glimpe of last year’s gallery…

I know you’re probably saying to yourself…well I’m not ready to start my business yet…I don’t have the money to start my business yet…I can’t take 4 days off of work…and the excuses go on and on.  Look at it this way, it’s free to apply so it couldn’t hurt. Head on over and take a look at the eligibility requirements and get that application in.  The deadline is January 22nd! 

sunnies: MimiBoutique | necklace: thrifted | top: {similar} | jacket: {similar} | jeans: {similar} | flats: DSW {i think} | watch: Michael Kors


10 thoughts on “The Workshop at Macy’s

  1. I haven’t been on your site for awhile and to my surprise I check it today to not only find the lovely pics and fashion inspirations you always post but your prego!!!! Just wanted to say congrats and best of wishes!!!!! Nothing like being a fly pregnant woman….I really loved dressing up while I was pregnant!! So many folks expect you not to…Take care!

  2. looks like a fun and informative event. I’m considering making few professional changes and would love to hear your feedback on the workshop presentations.

    1. I was actually contacted by Macy’s and they shared this with me. I looked into it and was impressed because I never knew Macy’s had a program like this. I figured I would spread the word in hopes that someone looking to advance themselves might apply.

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